Corporate Partner of the Month

For October's corporate partner of the month, BHA is honoring one of the most dedicated conservation artists around: Ed Anderson.  
Ed's original style showcases icons of the American outdoors and beyond, from bugling elk to salmon and trout painted in incredible detail with richness not typically found in today's modern art. Through his eyes and by his paintbrush, we live out our aspirations of time outside chasing wild game and fish on wild public lands and waters.
Ed and his team consistently show up and contribute to help BHA anytime they're asked. From artwork to fuel fundraising efforts to unique pieces for the Backcountry Journal and special projects, they're always ready to support. Additionally, they are contributing funds raised from the sale of prints of three of Ed's originals - which are currently for sale on the BHA website
You can find out more about Ed, his team and his art at
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