Colorado BHA Supports Wilderness Protection of Brown's Canyon

Located in Central Colorado, Brown's Canyon provides unique low-elevation big game habitat and excellent fishing with a truly rugged landscape. Bighorn Sheep Jamin Grigg

The Arkansas River, which runs through Brown’s Canyon, offers quality backcountry trout fishing opportunities. In addition, Brown’s Canyon provides excellent wildlife habitat for a variety of species including elk, deer and bighorn sheep. For maps outlining wildlife habitat in the area, click the links below.

Elk Habitat - Mule Deer Habitat - Bighorn Sheep Habitat

Click here for a video highlighting hunting and fishing opportunities in the Brown’s Canyon area. (photo courtesy of Jamin Grigg)

For years, Colorado BHA members have been a voice for sportsmen who support Wilderness Protection for Brown's Canyon.  Unfortunately, BHA’s support of a 2006 wilderness proposal that would have protected 20,000 acres was countered by opposition from the NRA, who alleged the proposal would unnecessarily limit motorized hunting access by closing four miles of rarely-used road. While the turn of events that unfolded in 2006 is unfortunate, support continues to build for the protection of Brown’s Canyon.  Local BHA leaders, such as Veteran and NRA Life Member, Bill Sustrich, have been actively working towards habitat protection in Brown's for years. 

Current efforts to protect Brown’s are spearheaded by Colorado Senator Mark Udall and include both proposed wilderness and monument designations for the area. To learn more about the proposals and/or to provide comments, click here.

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