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We are the Colorado chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, a group of sportsmen and -women who are united by a passion to protect and conserve the public forests, mountains, prairies, streams and lakes that support our hunting and angling traditions. We are traditional-values Colorado hunters and anglers who cherish the peace, solitude and challenge of the quiet-use backcountry experience.

Around the campfireCO BHA members share a deep concern that traditional backcountry values — solitude, silence, personal challenge, physical fitness, adventure — are being lost to habitat destruction from industrial development, illegal motorized use, and overuse of public lands. CO BHA works to slow these destructive trends in order to protect our outdoor heritage and to assure that future generations of hunters and anglers can enjoy the same genuine, back-to-nature opportunities we know today.

We believe in managing fish, wildlife and their habitats as a public trust and a priceless resource. We believe in keeping undeveloped public lands truly wild. CO BHA uses education, advocacy, cooperation and hard work to promote conservation of public lands fish and wildlife habitat, science-based stewardship of fish and wildlife, and fair and equitable access for all. We strive to uphold and exemplify the traditional American outdoor values of quiet use, muscle-powered access, and ethical, fair-chase sportsmanship.

CO BHA’s day-to-day work includes written and oral testimony to local, state and national elected officials, agency leaders and the media. We also engage in public speaking, grassroots advocacy (that’s where you are essential) and education, both for hunters and the general public. Outreach tools include this website, brochures and other print materials, media contacts, and other venues of opportunity.

CO BHA, like our parent group BHA, is a volunteer-driven organization – a pure grassroots coalition working simultaneously on national, state and local fronts. We are as active and effective in a given region as our members choose to make us. CO BHA is headed by two co-chairs, representing both sides of the Divide, with no rigid bureaucratic structure. This allows for lightning-fast response and action as new challenges arise, making CO BHA an exceptionally effective sportsman's conservation organization.

CO BHA is committed to the long-term conservation of the still-wild and largely unspoiled public lands backcountry upon which Colorado’s world-class game and fish resources depend and upon which the future of traditional-values hunting and angling rely. Through tireless volunteerism, we strive to assure the following
  • That future generations of Americans will have the same opportunities to enjoy and protect the wild public commons that we and previous generations have embraced as a national birthright.
  • That our public lands backcountry will continue to comprise healthy, ecologically complete ecosystems with balanced populations of predators and prey.

Our members are our muscle, our brains, our conscience and our heart. If you share our values, we invite you to join us today!

Please CONTACT US to learn how you can get involved in Colorado BHA!