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We are the Colorado Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers - the voice for our public lands, waters, and wildlife. 

Our public lands and waters are critical because of the access they afford and the habitat they provide - the opportunities they make possible are unparalleled and their importance to wildlife unequalled.

Fighting for the access and quality habitat that our public lands and waters provide is who we are.

 CO BHA members share a deep concern that our backcountry is disappearing. The pressures of an exploding population of public land users utilizing more capable technologies has led to significant impacts to wildlife and the habitat they depend on. Colorado has approximately 24 million acres of public lands and over 100,000 river miles. It's critical that we fight to direct development and use on our public lands to mitigate impacts to wildlife habitat. It's critical that we improve stream access laws in Colorado, which are currently the worst in the West. It's critical that all of us who count our selves as hunters and anglers lend our voices to the public lands, waters, and wildlife that we value. 

CO BHA works to slow these destructive trends in order to protect our hunting heritage and to assure that future generations of hunters and anglers can enjoy the same genuine, backcountry opportunities we know today. We believe in managing wildlife and wild public lands as a public trust and a priceless resource. We believe in keeping undeveloped public lands truly wild. CO BHA uses education, advocacy, and hard work to promote conservation of public lands, wildlife habitat, the North American Model, and fair chase principals. We strive to uphold and exemplify the best of our hunting and angling traditions, to bring new voices into the fold, new hunters into our ranks, and to support the incredible boots on the ground efforts of our chapter leaders. Please check out our events page and facebook page to stay in the loop.

Our members are our muscle, our brains, our conscience and our heart. If you share our values, we invite you to volunteer and join us today!

Please CONTACT US to learn how you can get involved in Colorado BHA!