Collegiate Program


BHA recognizes that important role college students play in the protection of and access to public lands and waters, habitat conservation, and fair chase ethics. Through our collegiate program, BHA is strengthening our community by building bridges between our chapter leaders and younger hunters, anglers, and conservationists. Our goal is to kick-start formal, university recognized clubs made up of those who want to take an active role in conservation and public lands protection.


The mission of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is to ensure North America’s outdoor heritage of hunting and fishing in a natural setting, through education and work on behalf of wild public lands and waters. Our Collegiate Program serves to further this mission by doing the following:

  • Giving current students attending college a foundation to enrich their conservation mindset and become active in civic engagement as it relates to public lands, waters, and wildlife
  • Giving aspiring hunters and anglers attending college the tools and knowledge necessary to obtain a license and hunt or fish safely, legally, and ethically
  • Connecting college students to BHA chapters to grow leadership within the BHA community, recognizing BHA’s youthful energy is key to fostering the next generation of conservation-minded hunters, anglers, and public land advocates

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