CO BHA Supports Brown's Canyon Wilderness & Monument Proposal

Bighorn Sheep Jamin GriggRecently, U.S. Sen. Mark Udall announced draft legislation that would designate 22,000 acres of Browns Canyon between Salida and Buena Vista as a national monument and (in part) wilderness area, which would ensure the canyon remains just like it is now for future generations of hunters and anglers and other outdoorsmen and women.  As part of a coalition of sportsmen organizations Colorado Backcountry Hunters & Anglers announced support of the concept. 

Since it's inception CO BHA has advocated for the protection of this roadless backcountry habitat, though local BHA members like Bill Sustrich have been advocating for protection of this area since the 70's.  As Bill put it in this recent article, “This is something that has to happen, one way or another.  I’ve been advocating for protection of this beautiful backcountry habitat since the early 70’s.  I’ve watched the proposed area for protection go from 100,000 acres to just over 20,000. There has been plenty of compromise over the years and now is the time to ensure that the incredible fish and game resources on this wild landscape are secured.”

As highlighted in this CO BHA web article and video, and as reiterated CO BHA Co-Chair in this recent Mountain Mail article, "the currently proposed Browns Canyon national monument and wilderness is an island of prime big game habitat surrounded by a sea of motorized sacrifice zones."

For a fact sheet with Frequently Asked Questions which outlines Udall's proposal, click here.

For an enlarged version of the map of the proposed area, click here.

Photo courtesy of Jammin Grigg, Brown's Canyon


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