Clearwater Basin Collaborative:

The CBC effort is getting more intense as subgroups report to the larger working group with a goal of voting on a full package of administrative and legislative concepts in June, refinement in July by the full working group and presentation to Senator Crapo in August. Issues still needing full group support include land and water protection and more robust forest management in the front country. In addition, a very different form of county funding is being proposed which will raise eyebrows and concerns in DC because it is so different from the status quo. Convincing local residents of the benefits of land and water protection as well as convincing the conservation community of the benefits of active land management in the front country will be a tough sell. In September the package will be sent to the USFS for drafting services, back to the collaborative in October with a DC trip to follow in November or December. Our goal is to have legislation introduced on land and water protection in 2012 in addition to economic proposals to add job stability to the region.

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