Charles Witek

Charles Witek in action.
Charles is an attorney, hunter and lifelong angler who has served on several state, regional and federal fishery management bodies and who now sits on the policy team of BHA's New York chapter.
Charles was a vital member of the group of chapter leaders from New York and New England who, along with BHA staff, recently drafted the organization's position on the Atlantic Striped Bass Draft Amendment 7 document, which will update the Fisheries Management Plan for this iconic fish. Presently, striped bass are overfished, and the stock has been declining for over a decade. Charles and the rest of the team have been tirelessly advocating for a plan that would recover the fish stock quickly and maintain the stock once recovered. 
Previously, Charles has actively worked on issues related to the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, the Atlantic Coastal Fisheries Cooperative Management Act and the various management bodies and actions affected by such laws, as well as fisheries matters governed by New York State's Environmental Conservation Law and related regulations.
We are incredibly grateful to have Charles on our team! Please check out Charles' blog, One Angler's Voyage, as it is required reading for those interested in fisheries-related issues. 
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