Chapters at Work


Alaska BHA Still Opposes Proposed Ambler Road


CA BHA hosts native fish and bear hunting camp with electrofishing to restore Lahontan Cutthroat Trout


Removing Fences: 5 Miles of Habitat Improvement in the Gunnison Basin | Serve the Land with Savage Arms

Write up on their blog: Fence Removal | Beers, Bands, and Barbed Wire Strands (


Upcoming Planting at Pine Creek Bench


Ridge Hunter Outdoors Podcast – IL BHA Live from the Lake Shelbyville Archery Park Conservation Shoot


Continued Collaboration with 5th Annual Trout Stocking


Michigan BHA Opposes Commercial Targeting of Game Fish SB 5108


Minnesota BHA to host Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener

 Massachusetts/New England

MA BHA opposes ‘Act Modernizing Firearms Laws’


Montana BHA comments on Fish Creek Watershed Draft Recreation Strategy

 New Mexico

New Mexico and Texas BHA Receive USFS Prairie Partner Award

 New England

On Track is Back! Episode 2 of the new season.

 New Hampshire/New England

New England BHA Supports Moose Research


Winecup Gamble Update: Post-Meeting News


Ohio BHA Chapter Fall Update

 Rhode Island/New England

RI Fishing Access at Risk in RIDOT Bridge Proposal

Press: East Bay Bike Path bridges are finally getting replaced, but will fishermen lose out?


TX BHA Policy News - October 2023


BHA's Miles for Muleys Fencing Project


Update to the Corner Crossing Fundraiser