Chapter Operations

Information Regarding California Chapter Special Committees


  • The California Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (“CA BHA”) is the cumulative body of its general membership within the state. The CA BHA Board of Directors (the “Board”) are CA BHA general members granted the authority to act on behalf of CA BHA. The Officers of the Board are Board members elected by the Board to direct the Board and make certain decisions on behalf of the Board.
  • The current Board consists of the following Officers and members:
  • Officers:
  • Chair: Justin Bubenik
  • Vice Chair: Nick Zagaris
  • Treasurer: J.R. Young
  • Secretary: Nick Fasciano
  • Members:
  • Kevin Tedder
  • Jared McLain

Practices, Procedures and Rules

  • A Special Committee may be formed by a majority vote of the CA BHA Officers or Board.
  • All Special Committees and members must act in a professional manner according to CA BHA’s mission and values, and shall not take actions binding, or on behalf of, CA BHA without the express direction of the CA BHA Board or Chair.
  • A “Chairperson” of each Committee shall take the leadership role within the Committee, and work to achieve the specific goals and purposes of the Committee, as directed by the Board.
  • The Chairperson shall be appointed by the CA BHA Chair, subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the Board and shall serve a two (2) year term.
  • The Chairperson shall be the liaison between the Committee and the Board, provide reports to the Board on the monthly Board call, and report items requiring action of the Board to the Officers promptly via Basecamp.
  • Each Special Committee shall consist of at least two (2) CA BHA general members, serving an indefinite term on a volunteer basis.
  • Committee members may be granted membership by: (1) majority vote of the current membership of the Committee, (2) majority vote of the Officers, or (3) appointment by the CA BHA Chair, subject to confirmation by the Chairperson of the Committee.
  • A Committee may be terminated, or a member or Chairperson of a Committee may be excused, by a majority vote of the Officers if the Committee or member is found to be acting inconsistently with the mission of CA BHA, acting against the direction of the Board, or for any other reason as determined by the Officers.
  • Each member of a Committee shall be entitled to one (1) vote on any matter deemed to require a vote of the Committee membership by the Chairperson, including but not limited to any matter requiring ultimate approval by the Board or Officers (i.e., any policy position, expenditure or contractual obligations).
  • Committee matters requiring the approval or a vote of the Board or Officers shall only be taken to the Board or Officers upon a majority vote of the Committee. For matters requiring immediate attention of the Board, the Chairperson may elect to bring the issue, without a position of the Committee, to the Officers for consideration.
  • Each Committee shall hold at least one (1) Committee membership call per month, and Committee members shall maintain regular communication via Basecamp with the Committee and Chairperson.
  • Recognizing individual Special Committees have potential for overlap and cooperation, and to instill the importance of maintaining clear and abundant communication between the Committees, the Chairpersons from each Committee shall participate in a call at least once every two (2) months to discuss agenda, best practices, coordination of efforts and other matters of the Committees.

Special Committees as of September 2019

Communication Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for helping draft outbound communication for the board. This includes but is not limited to submissions for the Backcountry Journal, creating and managing the chapter newsletter and any other communication needs the chapter may have.

  • Provide Chapter website content ( to Chapter Coordinator for posting on behalf of the Chapter or content provider - ensuring there is at least one (1) blog post per month with an update of Chapter activities, initiatives and policy, one (1) blog post per major Chapter event with a summary and photos from the event, one (1) blog post per policy position voted on by the Board
  • Provide website updates/edits to the Chapter Coordinator - ensuring that all information is updated and correct.
  • Manage the Chapter’s social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram), and ensure that National campaigns are dispersed, as necessary.
  • Prepare Chapter updates for the Backcountry Beat, Backcountry Journal and any other National outreach, and submit the same to Nationals prior to deadlines.
  • Facilitate and coordinate communications of the other Committees, Habitat Watch Coordinators and Region Directors, utilizing the Chapter Coordinator, as necessary.
  • Update Chapter forms, questionnaires, volunteer information, event how-tos, etc. as necessary and as Board members, Officers, Committee Chairs, Regional Directors, etc. are appointed or Chapter practices/policy changes.
  • Maintain the Chapter Contact Master Spreadsheet.
  • Update Nation Builder and membership details as necessary.
  • The Secretary of the Board shall serve as the Chairperson of the Committee.
  • The Chair of the Board will serve as an ex officio member of the Committee.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is responsible for monitoring local, state and federal policy that affects our wildlife, public lands, and recreational opportunities or access with the state. The Chapter’s Habitat Watch Program will also operate through this Committee.

  • Research and follow potential policy issues directly related to BHA’s mission statement, including but not limited to, state and national legislation, threats to public access through specific closures, changes to hunting/fishing regulations, R3 efforts or initiatives, etc.
  • Regularly update the Board, via the Chairperson, of any potential issues on which CA BHA may wish to take a position (which, according to the Chapter By Laws, require a majority vote of the Board).
  • Draft opinion editorials, blog posts/stories, letters, calls to action, etc. relating to policy positions taken by the Board, with at least one (1) piece per policy position, but no less one (1) piece per quarter. All written work will be subject to the approval of the Officers, even if the policy position was previously approved.
  • Maintain and foster relationships with state, local and federal decision makers and staff.
  • Coordinate grassroots campaigns and activism of the members relating to approved policy positions.
  • Maintain communications with Habitat Watch Coordinators and Regional Directors, and take up policy issues raised.
  • Habitat Watch Coordinators shall serve as ex officio members of the Committee.


The Events Committee is responsible for all events, fundraising and sponsorship activities, including cultivating relationships with likeminded businesses and creating long lasting support for CA BHA through advertisement, donations of money/goods, event hosting, provision of services, etc. Note: new/initial corporate and NGO outreach should be coordinated through the Communications Committee, to determine if a current relationship exists and if prior outreach has been made.

  • Coordinate and host events throughout the state, with at least one (1) event per region per quarter.
  • Coordinate at least one (1) major fundraising event and (1) major membership drive event semiannually.
  • Coordinate a state-wide Film Fest, with showings in at least three venues - one in each of the northern, central and southern portions of the state.
  • Maintain communications with the Regional Directors and Habitat Watch Coordinators and inform Regional Directors and Habitat Watch Coordinators of any upcoming events in their respective region or forest, as applicable, to coordinate volunteers, staffing and other logistics..
  • Assist in the coordination, sponsorship, and provision of raffle items for events organized or lead by the R3 Coordinator(s), Regional Directors or Habitat Watch Coordinators.
  • Maintain communications with the Communications Committee, and distribute to the Communications Committee details of any events, sponsorship opportunities or other items for inclusion in Communications Committee outreach.
  • Ensure the Chapter Event Form is completed and submitted to the Chapter Coordinator in a timely manner, and that the events are subsequently posted appropriately to Facebook, Instagram and distributed via e-mail and other methods.
  • Coordinate paid advertisements, sponsorships and any paid outreach, upon approval by the Board.
  • Maintain records of merchandise stock, sales, needs and requests.
  • Coordinate raffle item acquisition and distribution to members for Chapter events and fundraising.
  • Ensure Chapter sponsors are adequately recognized and maintain communications with existing sponsors.
  • Pursue new Chapter sponsors and assist in the completion of any necessary documentation to on-board sponsors.
  • Regional Directors shall serve as ex officio members of the Committee.
  • R3 Coordinator(s) shall serve as ex officio members of the Committee.

Chapter Bylaws:

California Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

Table of Contents:

Article I – Name and Description

Article II – Purpose and Objectives

Article III – Membership

Article IV – Officers and Duties

Article V – Board Members

Article VI – Appointed Positions & Committees

Article VII – Meetings

Article VIII – Operating Year

Article IX – Finances

Article X – Dissolution

Article XI – Governing Body & legal Action

Article XII – Amendments

Article I – Name and Description

The name of this organization shall be the California Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and is referred to as “CA BHA”.

CA BHA is a state chapter of the national non-profit Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, hereinafter called “National BHA,” and is made up entirely of Members and volunteers. CA BHA is neither a non-profit nor for-profit organization, and is not incorporated under California law or the law of any other jurisdiction.

 Article II – Purposes and Objectives

The purpose of CA BHA is as follows:

  1. To ensure California’s outdoor heritage of hunting and fishing in a natural setting, through education and work on behalf of wild public lands and waters.
  2. Encourage and promote the handling and harvesting of wild game in an ethical and humane manner, consistent with the principles of fair chase.
  3. Work to protect and enhance non-motorized hunting and fishing opportunities and experiences and the lands and waters that support those activities.
  4. Work in concert with National BHA and other BHA chapters to preserve access for California residents to federal lands in other states and territories of the United States.

Article III – Membership

All Members of National BHA who are full-time residents of the state of California shall be considered members of CA BHA. Full-time residents include full-time students who spend the majority of their year in California and military personnel stationed in California.

As Members of National BHA, CA BHA Members are subject to the procedures, bylaws, and regulations of National BHA.

Article IV – Officers and Duties

The Officers are responsible for carrying out the directions of the Board, running the operations of CA BHA, and pursuing the goals and mission of both CA BHA and National BHA.

  1. An Officer, by virtue of holding an Officer position, is an ex-officio member of the Board and all Committeesand sub-Committees of CA
  2. As an ex-officio member of the Board, Officers will vote on issues that come before the
  3. All issues involving operations will be decided by a majority vote of the Issues of operations include, but are not limited to, marketing, event planning and support, fundraising, and operating expenses.
  4. CA BHA may have up to four
  5. The term of office shall be 2 (two) years and will begin on the day of Elections will be held as needed.
  6. Officers may serve consecutive 
  7. Officers consist of a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.
  8. An Officer must be a current Member of National BHA, and a full-time resident of the state of California or military personnel stationed in California.
  9. Officers shall serve on a volunteer To become an Officer, a candidate must be nominated, and thatnominee must be approved by a majority vote of the Board. Board Members may vote to remove any Officerwho is not adequately performing his or her duties. A vote to remove an Officer requires a three-quarter (3/4)majority vote of all Board Members. When an Officer has resigned or has been removed, the position may befilled by a special election of the board. The person so elected should hold office for the remainder of theoriginal Officer’s term. Officers are empowered to fill vacancies in any position until a special election is held.
  10. Officers must participate in at least 6 official CA BHA Chapter teleconferences during every full operating year in which they serve.

Duties of each Officer are as follows:

Chair: The Chairman is the senior volunteer leader and shall act as chapter leader of CA BHA. The Chair will act asthe liaison between CA BHA and National BHA, and will also act as the official representatives of CA BHA to themedia and public. The Chair shall facilitate among the board the creation of chapter goals, facilitate thedevelopment, implementation and strategic planning process to carry out the policies and objectives of the chapter,appoint committees and special positions as needed, exercise general supervision over the activities of the chapterincluding managing social media communications and newsletters, and preside at meetings of the chapter.

Vice Chair: The Vice Chair is the secondary volunteer leader of CA BHA and as such, discharges the duties of theChairman as required in the Chairman's absence. The Vice Chair supports the activities of the Chairman and remains sufficiently informed with regard to Chapter operations to effectively serve as an alternate when needed. The Vice Chair will also serve as Chair of the Events Committee.

Secretary: The Secretary will record minutes of meetings, including the Board’s votes on all action items, in accordance with the policies and protocols of National BHA; maintain records on the election and terms of BoardMembers; submit reports as required, subject to the approval of the Chairman; ensure the accuracy and availabilityof this information to Officers, Board Members and National BHA. The secretary will also serve as the Chair of the Communications Committee.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will keep an accurate record of all CA BHA funds received and disbursed, in accordancewith the policies and protocols of National BHA. The Treasurer shall submit financial reports as required, subject tothe approval of the Chairman, ensure the accuracy and availability of this information to Officers, Board Members,and National BHA. The secretary will provide bank account and finance updates monthly on Basecamp. 

Article V – Board Members

CA BHA will have up to 7 Board Members, inclusive of Officers, each of whom will represent all sportsmen andwomen of California.

The Board is the governing body of CA BHA and is responsible for discussing and voting on the policies, positions,direction and overall objectives of CA BHA.

Each CA BHA Board Member shall act as a local leader and “boots-on-the-ground” representative in their community. They will attempt to get to know the elected representatives at all levels of government in (city, countyand state), as well as other conservation organizations, and state and federal wildlife and land managers. They willrepresent their region to the Board to ensure a flow of information from the “ground-up.” And, in turn, they shallrepresent CA BHA in a professional manner according to CA BHA’s mission and values.

  1. A Member of the Board must be a current Member of National BHA, and a full-time resident of
  2. The Board will have up to 7 Board Members at any given time, inclusive of Officers. If CA BHA chooses toadopt regional representation, Board Members, or designated Committee members with Board Member oversight will be the primary point of contact for matters impacting the sportsmen and women of thegeographic region in which they
  3. All issues that come before the Board are decided by a majority vote of the Board Members, which includes Officers acting as ex officio Board
  4. Service on the Board is a volunteer
  5. To become a Member of the Board, a candidate must be nominated, and that nominee must beapproved by a majority vote of the
  6. The term shall be two (2) Board Members may serve consecutive terms
  7. Board Members must attend at least six official CA BHA monthly teleconferences during every full operating year in which they serve.
  8. Board Members may vote to remove any Board Member who is not adequately performing his or her A vote to remove a Board Member requires a three-quarter (3/4) majority vote of all Board Members.
  9. When a Board Member has resigned, or has been removed, the position shall be filled by a special electionof the Board at its discretion.

Article VI – Hired/Appointed Positions & Special Committees

Hired Positions, Appointed Positions and Special Committees may be created to achieve specific functions and meet specific goals. The descriptions, functions, goals and terms of these positions will be determined as needed by the Officers and subject to the Board’s approval.

CA BHA Board Members may submit a proposal of a Hired Position, Appointed Position or Special Committee to the Officers for approval. A proposal of this nature should include as many details as possible, including the description, function, goal and term of the proposed Hired Position, Appointed Position or Special Committee.

  1. CA BHA Board Members are ex-officio members of all Special Committees. If CA BHA choses to adopt regional representation on its Board, Regional CA BHA Board Members must maintain communication with Special Committees located within their region and report progress and actions to the Board on a regular basis. All Special Committees must act in a professional manner according to CA BHA’s mission and values.
  2. Committees shall consist of at least 1 (one) CA BHA member. The Chairperson of a Special Committee shall take the leadership role, and work to achieve the specific goals and purposes of the Special Committee. The Chairperson shall be the liaison between the Committee and the Board. A Special Committee may be terminated by a majority vote of the Board if the Committee is found to be acting inconsistently with the mission of CA BHA, against the direction of the Board, or if it is deemed to be no longer necessary or helpful to the fulfillment of the CA BHA Mission.
  3. Oversight and management of Hired and/or Appointed Positions will be provided by the Board.

Article VII – Meetings

A teleconference meeting will take place each month. Information regarding the teleconference will be available to all members via Basecamp. The teleconference will be scheduled at the first Wednesday of each month unless posted otherwise via Basecamp. A 2/3 majority of Board Members (excluding Officers) constitute a quorum.

Special Meeting – Special Meetings may be called if a majority of Officers and Board Members call the meeting. Special Meetings do not have a required notice and may be attended in-person, by telephone, live web meeting, or email.

Article VIII – Operating Year

The Operating Year shall commence on January 1st of each year.

Article IX – Finances

All finances and annual reporting shall be maintained by the Treasurer. All expenditures over $2,500.00 must be approved by a majority vote of the Board. All expenditures below or equal to $2,500.00 must be approved by the Officers.

All CA BHA bank accounts will be established in order to permit banking transactions by the Chairman and Treasurer. Any banking transaction must be documented by back-up written communication between at least two Board Members or between said Board Members and BHA National personnel.

The collection, accounting and depositing of funds raised by CA BHA representatives is subject to the rules and procedures set by National BHA.

Article X – Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the CA BHA, all debts will be paid, property sold, and any funds remaining shall be subject to the rules set by National BHA. Dissolution of the CA BHA shall be by a majority vote of all members attending a scheduled meeting for this purpose. 

Article XI – Governing Body & Legal Action

CA BHA is governed by the laws of the State of California and the regulations of National BHA.

Any legal action, potential or otherwise, must be brought to the attention of the entire CA BHA Board and to National BHA for review, direction and approval.

Article XIII – Amendments

Any proposed amendments to these bylaws may be introduced by any CA BHA Board Member at any CA BHA Board meeting or scheduled teleconference. Proposals must be in writing, and will be distributed to all active Board Members prior to the next meeting at which time a vote will take place. Adoption of the amendments will be determined by a majority vote of all Board Members at said meeting.


Pint Nights

            Pint nights are a casual and informal method of engaging members and non-members in a laid back atmosphere. Take the opportunity for one-on-one conversations about hunting, fishing and most importantly BHA. This is also a great opportunity to engage folks to become part of your chapter leadership and potential committee members. Give members the ability to get involved and often they will step up to help and these events are great places to make that happen. Pint nights are also a great place to organize around state or regionally based issues. Use this opportunity to solicit comments on specific issues from our members. If you would to host an Pint Night, please email the chapter at [email protected]