Chapter Coordinator and New Chapter Development

ty.stubblefield.jpgTy Stubblefield

Ty Stubblefield grew up in Oregon's Umpqua Valley with access to some of the West Coast's most diverse landscape and wildlife. From coastal blacktails to desert mule deer and Rocky Mountain elk to rainforest Roosevelts, Ty has taken full advantage of the opportunity to seek out the wild critters and public lands Oregon has to offer.

At an early age he came to the realization that hunters and fishermen are the true conservationists and stewards of the land. Recognizing the need to give back, Ty jumped on the conservation bandwagon, getting involved with state policy while volunteering for Oregon Bow Hunters from 2001 to 2008. In 2008 he was blessed with the opportunity to work with Oregon's largest state-based conservation group, Oregon Hunters Association, as field administrator. In this position he worked with Oregon hunters to help Oregon's wildlife, habitat and hunters' rights.

Joining BHA and the awesome people who make up this organization is the apex of his career in conservation! BHAers are an elite group of people who understand that these lands we hold so dear are not free and must be fought for. When not working for the betterment of wild public places and wildlife, he can be found enjoying them with a bow or fly rod in hand.

Contact Ty: 

(406) 696-3003

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