Chapter co-hosts volunteer day at Table Mountain

The Nevada Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers teamed up with Friends of Nevada Wilderness and Back Country Horsemen of America to host a 3 day volunteer event in the Table Mountains last June.Table Mountain is located in the central portion of the Monitor Range approximately 60 miles northeast of Tonopah, Nevada. The name comes from its unique high plateau or table land landspace. It is one of the few flat-topped ranges in the Great Basin.This area is home to the introduced Monitor elk herd which is one of the largest herds in the state. The area is also great habitat for mule deer and the state's sage grouse. Lastly, the area provides critical stream habitat for the Lahonton cutthroat trout in Mosquito Creek.Volunteers arrived at the campground at spent the night camping and sharing stories before getting up early in the morning to get to work. They set to work clearing brush and improving the trail system around the Willow Creek area. Horses were a key part in helping clear a path for the incoming fall hunters and outfitters that will be using the trail system on their much anticipated hunting season.All three organizations had great responses from our members on how the event turned out and we look forward to planning more going into the 2020 summer. The chapter will keep our members posted on when the next overnight camping volunteer project is in the works!!

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