Chapter Calls for Hunting & Fishing Mentors and Mentees

The California chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is excited to announce the launch of a new mentoring program designed to help provide guidance to members interested in learning the fundamentals of hunting and fishing from fellow members with more experience in these areas. 

One of the reasons why our membership at BHA is the most active and dynamic in the outdoor world is because our members bring an unmatched diversity of backgrounds and experiences. Some are lifelong hunters and anglers, and many others are just learning for the first time as adults. As public land owners, we know that engagement with wild places is the key to advocacy, and nothing keeps a person engaged in the wild like becoming a self-sufficient hunter and angler. 

As many of you know, hunter and angler numbers have declined both nationally and across the state in recent decades. Given the percentage of conservation funding and wildlife advocacy comes from the hunting and angling community, this trend imperils the future of the North American model of wildlife conservation and BHA is committed to being at the forefront of reversing this decline. Thankfully, BHA continues to grow an an incredible pace thanks to the energy and dedication of our membership. We have partnered with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to help promote hunting and fishing at the state level, and all BHA chapters across North America will be coordinating efforts under the Hunting for Sustainability banner. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to step up and help ensure a sustainable future for our public lands and waters. If you are able to be a mentor for someone who wants to learn – be it through simple advice over email or on the phone, hands-on guidance at the range, or even time in the field – please fill out the attached survey and let us know. If you are someone looking to learn the ropes, then please also fill out the attached survey so we can work to find you a mentor.

BHA is built on the energy of its volunteers. Let’s work together to add more voices in support of our public lands and waters now and into the future.

About California BHA

The California Chapter of BHA seeks to ensure that North America's outdoor heritage of hunting and fishing is sustained for generations, through education and work on behalf of the state's wild public lands, waters and wildlife.

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