Capital Chapter Board

Rob Burnham - Co-Chair

"I'm 54 years young, have been hunting and fishing for the better part of that time. I grew up in Richmond, Virginia and still live just outside of the city with my wife, Bronwyn and youngest son, Wes. I joined the Army (sorry Mike) right after graduating from high school in 1980 and was commissioned in 1985. I spent time as a scout platoon leader and then battalion support platoon leader. After my time in the Army I was hired by the Henrico County Police where I served as a patrol officer for 15 years before retiring after a job-related injury. Since then I have owned and operated a photography business.

I have been a member of numerous organizations over the years, to include the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation where I served on the committee of the local chapter. I also am a member of the Virginia Bowhunters association where I served as a club rep a long with sitting on the Department of Game & Inland Fisheries Deer Planning Committee for several years. I am a member of The Professional Bowhunters Society where I currently serve as the Bowhunting Preservation Committee Chair, I also created the Young Bowhunters Program that has been in place since 2004. I am a member of the Boone & Crockett Club and serve as an official measurer. I am a member of a local archery club, The Dixie Bowman and finally I do enjoy sitting in a duck blind from time to time and send in my dollars to be a member of DU. I love to hunt, but bowhunting with traditional bows is my passion. As for fishing, I'm happy with a rod in my hand, but prefer the fly rod. I like to build my own arrows and tie my own flies. I have hunted and fished all over North America, Canada and even Africa. I host an annual bowhunt in the Blue Ridge Mountains here in Virginia and try to attend at least one other hunting and or fishing trip each year.

Aside from hunting & fishing I enjoy hiking, backpacking, kayaking, biking and nature photography. Pretty much if it's an outdoor activity you can count me in."

Tom Hartland - Treasurer  

"I am 35 years old and live in Westminster, MD, with my wife and our two daughters (3 and 5). I grew up in western PA and moved to MD after graduating from Penn State. I'm an Account Manager for BrightView, a national landscape service provider. Aside from work and family, my life revolves around hunting and vegetable gardening. I live to hunt and spend as much time as possible in wild places. I primarily hunt for deer, turkey, bear, and small game in the mountains of western PA and MD. The protection of the remaining wild places is extremely important to me not only for my enjoyment, but for future generations. I am extremely honored and excited to work with the Capitol Region BHA members and to contribute my small part to the greater cause. "

Col. (ret) Mike Herdering - Board of Director

"I retired from the USMC in 2002 after 32 years. Linda and I settled in the Deep Creek Lake area of W MD and opened a dogsledding business in 2004. After a very successful 11 years, we sold Husky Power Dogsledding last October. Traditional bow-hunting is my life style and I also enjoy fly fishing --just not much anymore. I was stationed around the world to include the island of Adak, AK and have hunted throughout the west, AK, PA and MD. Linda and I are currently heavily involved in promoting open government in our county and tirelessly worked to help our coalition and local nonprofits pass the MD State ban on fracking. Garrett County has the largest area of state/public land in the state and protecting it from development is our priority. Linda and I recently found that perfect boat (read affordable) to put in our slip at Boca Chica Naval Air Station in Key West FL where we enjoy a few winter months.

I was a geologist before the Corps, love the outdoors, Lin and I have backpacked extensively in AK and spent two years after my retirement in a very small RV touring the country. The rest of all those stories can wait till we meet.”

Mike Mishler - 

“Born and raised in Michigan, I was offered plenty of opportunity to enjoy the out of doors. I spent every weekend up north hunting, fishing and camping with my family. The out of doors has always been a family activity for me. My father taught me about respect and that the land will take care of us if we take care of it. At a young age, I shot a porcupine with a BB gun. My father asked why I shot it? Being 8 years old, my reply was that I wanted to. He then explained further to me that we only harvest things we eat. I had to eat that porcupine.
I am 34 years old and am a fireman as my career. I am a fly-fishing guide in Fredericksburg, Virginia and a snow goose guide in Missouri. I do those things for the opportunity to spend more time out of doors. Being a fly-fishing guide, I rely solely on public waters. I explain to clients the important lessons my father has taught me and the importance of preserving our lands and our opportunity/access to them.”

James Revercomb - Board of Director

"I am a native of Roanoke, Virginia where my wife and I currently reside. I am the co-owner and operator of Roanoke Mountain Adventures, an outdoor outfitter specializing in mountain biking, paddle-boarding, and kayaking, among some other activities. We have a variety of rentals (mountain bikes, road bikes, kayaks, SUP's) as well as fully guided trips. We have been in business for 3 years and there is a great push here in the Roanoke area to promote the outdoor opportunities in our region. We also have an outdoor consignment shop at our locations, selling a variety of used, outdoor related items.

My wife and I moved back to VA from Wyoming in 2014. We spent 8 years in the northwest part of the state where I guided fly-fishing, snowmobile, and whitewater trips. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the best public land elk, deer, and antelope hunting in the lower 48, not to mention fishing opportunities. I enjoy hunting, fly fishing, mountain biking and just about anything outdoors in my free time. The George Washington and Jefferson National Forests make up the bulk of the public land here in Western Virginia and provide great opportunities to go afield.

I currently serve on the Roanoke Greenways Commission, Upper Roanoke River Roundtable Board, Roanoke River Blueway Committee and have been a BHA member since 2011 (I think?). We have some great public land opportunities here in the western part of VA, as well as the rest of the state. I am excited about the forming of a BHA chapter in our region and feel it is much needed.”