Camp Pendleton and Minot AFB

Camp Pendleton, CA

The AFI Pendleton club was happy to have Trent Fisher, Steve Howard and Eric Strand from Born and Raised Outdoors drop down for a waterfowl hunt. The visit included a tour of both Marine Corps Base and Air Station Camp Pendleton. The Born and Raised Outdoors crew met with active-duty Marines and BHA members. They had the opportunity to drop in on veteran-limited mobility hunters who were part of a special waterfowl hunt aboard the base. The following day they joined members of BHA Pendleton for a great day of waterfowl hunting aboard the Installation. We would once again like to express our thanks to Born and Raised Outdoors for supporting BHA Pendleton and the Armed Forces Initiative! Be sure to check out the episode from Born and Raised Outdoors.

Minot AFB, ND

The BHA Minot Club in North Dakota has officially been established as of January 2021. Our club’s primary mission is to lower the bar of entry of service men and women and their families stationed on Minot AFB for hunting and fishing on and around the installation. Beginning in 2021, we will accomplish this through networking and education. We plan to host a variety of events including meet and greets, hunter education classes in coordination with installation and state agencies, and a fishing campout. A few other events in the works will be announced later this year. Often, all it takes to get someone into the outdoors is a mentor, sharing experience and knowledge, and enabling others to venture out independently. The Minot AFB Club is positioned to get this connection to the landscape accomplished.


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