California Chapter Board


    Nick Zagaris, Chapter and Event Committee Chair

Nick was born and raised in Northern California and spent the majority of his youth outdoors. Nick lives on my property in Auburn with my beautiful wife Jessica and son Myles. Nick values public service and have worked as a firefighter for over 20 years. Nikck hunts upland, waterfowl, and big game in the wilderness of California and the majority of the other Western States. Besides being the California BHA chapter chair, Nick has also served on banquet committees with the California Deer Association and the California Waterfowl Association. Nick is a pro-staff member of First Lite and Ridgeline Knife Works and wants to make sure our public lands and wildlife are around and in better shape for future generations.





J.R. Young, Treasurer


J.R. Young was raised in Bellevue Washington.He enjoyed his weekends and summer at a cabin in Central Washington where he started hunting and fishing at an early age. He spent countless days exploring Wenatchee National Forest as well as the Mt.

Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest closer to Bellevue. He truly fell in love with the outdoors.

Currently living in The Santa Cruz Mountains in Los Gatos California with his wife, son, dog and chickens, he continues to enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis. At J.R.’s house, most activities surround food, preparing for food, canning food, foraging for food hunting for food and most importantly sharing the experience of food with friends and sometimes complete strangers. J.R. is a man that loves life, and he encourages people to explore that natural world and enjoy what is theirs to enjoy. He holds his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Washington and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Fairfield University in Connecticut. After spending eleven years as a tax accountant he has joined his wife in her Naturopathic Medical Clinic.  He is also a member of the National Board for BHA.

Nick Fasciano, Secretary and Communications Chair

Nick grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and lived on the East Coast long enough to pick up a pair of degrees in Physics and Economics before a combination of wanderlust, curiosity, and patriotic zeal led him to join the Peace Corps and head out for a couple years in Africa.

Much to his later chagrin, Nick didn’t really have serious exposure to the wide world of hunting and fishing until he was in his early 30’s and living in California. He took to it with gusto, and in the years since has spent as much time as possible in wild places. The realization of all the outdoor world has to offer, as well as the trials and tribulations of learning to hunt as an adult from an urban background, has given Nick a strong interest in helping new people along and he can often be found working on new ways to improve that process. This is one of the things that drew him to BHA, which along with advocating on behalf of the public lands and waters that now form such a central part of his life, is an unparalleled community of dynamic conservationists where lifelong and newly minted (or aspiring) outdoors-folk can meet and learn from each other. It’s an exciting time, and Nick is proud to be a part of it.




Eric Hanson

Eric was born and raised in Santa Monica, Calif. Despite growing up a city boy, he spent summers camping in national parks and learned to backpack and shoot in Boy Scouts.

After college, Eric worked at a magazine in Chicago that covered the red meat industry, where he had an insider's look at how most Americans get their meat. A spark was lit to learn and experience more about where our food really comes from. In his early 30s Eric began fishing and hunting. Soon he had his own bird dog and hunted the local national forests for quail and rabbit. Eric feels fortunate to have had a wide range of outdoors experience on our public lands. When he joined BHA he realized he had found his people, and enjoys working to support the organization’s mission as well as bringing a diverse group of new hunters and anglers into the fold. He’s passionate about sharing his experiences--as well as wild game cooking--with friends, acquaintances, and anyone else who will listen.

Eric lives in Northeast Los Angeles with his wife, Lauren, daughter, Hannah, and Brittany, Barley. He graduated Northwestern University with a degree in journalism, and received his law degree from UC Berkeley Law School. He works as a patent litigator, photographer, and writer.



Jason Jones

Jason is a San Diego native and has spent countless hours enjoying California’s waters, wilderness, backcountry, and wild places.  His outdoor passions include surfing, kayaking, fishing fresh and salt waters, hunting waterfowl, upland game such as turkeys, pheasants, chukar, quail, and rabbit, along with big game such as mule deer, axis deer, and wild boar.  The experiences, adventures, stories, and memories, along with the friendships and bonds attained, are simply a priceless personal measure of his life’s accomplishments. 

Jason joined BHA for a number of reasons, including advocacy for protecting our wild and natural resources as well as our right to fight to keep public lands in public hands, to ensure we maintain these natural resources for generations to come.  He’s supported BHA through many of their events and initiatives, including teaching others on proper care and handling of game after the harvest, teaching and bringing new hunters and anglers into our community, and is especially grateful to contribute to the wild game ‘foodie’ events such as BHA’s Field To Table oriented activities and also successfully represented the California Chapter as a wild game chef at the 2019 North American Rendezvous wild game cook off.

His other passions include designing and shaping surfboards, something he’s done since his early teens, in addition to traveling for fun and business.  He’s traveled most of the US and has also been fortunate to travel globally to 15+ countries, which has provided an enormous amount of influence on his life’s perspectives and fosters his passions around conservancy, traditions, heritage, and even his culinary desires.  He’s fished, hunted, and enjoyed exotic and wild game dishes across different geographies and cultures.  Again, something he’s deeply grateful for and tries to embed in all his various approaches and interactions in life, and especially in his cooking as an aspiring wild game chef.

Jason lives in San Diego with his wife Heidi and daughters Sydney and Sierra.  In his professional life, he works as a Director of Quality and Pharmacovigilance at a local biotechnology company that’s focused on finding treatments for diseases such as cancer and diabetes. 

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