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Brandon Shook
Jesus Follower, Husband, Father. Lover Of People. Outdoorsman. Public Outreach Director - Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, TX Chapter. Yeti Pro • First Lite Pro

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@BRSHOOK @CarolynCMoore @Backcountry_H_A Wow. And I thought 250 was a push. Get it!

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The #BWCAW turned 40 this weekend. Here's a nice little write up about the Boundary Waters and the man who was inst…

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Last week was a big one for those wanting to #saveLWCF. Get up to date with this article. #savelwcf

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Time to get it across the finish line. #SaveLWCF

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TAKE ACTION: @Naturesources chair, Rep. Rob Bishop and @repRaulGrijalva have come to a compromise to #saveLWCF. Ask…

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LWCF UPDATE: The marked up bill coming out of the @NatResources session today requires a 3% ($20M) designation for…

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Today’s meeting represents an important opportunity to permanently reauthorization #LWCF. We are watching closely.…

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Urgent #LWCF Update: There will be a markup TODAY, THURSDAY MORNING on LWCF legislation in the House Natural Resour…

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Well the @backcountry_h_a #hiketohunt is over! I had a great time! So thankful to @landtawney and crew for putting…

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400 miles hiked, 41 lbs lost...more to go!!! 13 Days left for the @backcountry_h_a #hiketohunt . Been a journey in…

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You can’t box a BHA’r in. What we share is passion for #publiclands - a cup of coffee on the mountainside, a mid…

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The crew at @outdoorlife takes on @SenMikeLee's "Royal Forests" argument...what's your take on this…

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My wife dropped me off on this access road yesterday in @sanjuannps so I could get in some #hiketohunt miles on som…

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Night Miles... #hiketohunt @backcountry_h_a @tx_bha wilderness_athlete @leupoldoptics uahunt @ Dripping Springs, T…

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