Brock Wahl

Conservation advocacy can be a grind. It requires long hours, thick skin, split-second responsiveness, and the work is often thankless. This is especially true when state legislatures are in session. Unless you're in the thick of it, it's difficult to comprehend the amount of effort and time it takes volunteers to successfully engage at this level. Few know this better than North Dakota's Brock Wahl.

Brock has captained the ship of the North Dakota chapter of BHA since 2019. You won't see it on social media or hear it from him, because Brock would be the last to tell you about his hard work, but his fellow board members refer to Brock as "the Energizer Bunny." And he's sure been hopping lately!

During the 2023 North Dakota legislative session, Brock built coalitions with other conservation orgs, oversaw all communications with chapter members, and used the relationships he’s built with legislators and partners over the years to elevate ND BHA as a vocal leader on many policy items. None were more apparent than the chapter's opposition of HB 1151, which would have removed the management authority of the North Dakota Game & Fish Department as it relates to controlling the spread of CWD and other diseases. Brock worked countless hours and many weekends on this bill alone, and in the end, he and ND BHA were victorious. The bill failed 26-21 in the state senate, a testament to the hard work of ND conservation groups, ND BHA, and Brock Wahl.

Well done, Brock! And thanks for all you do!

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