British Columbia

British Columbia BHA’s growth over the past few years is nothing short of incredible. As one of the fastest-growing and youngest hunting and fishing conservation organizations in North America, BHA is aggressively building a coalition of hunters and anglers to protect our wild public lands, waters and wildlife. Chapters all over North America are building this coalition through strong leadership, increased awareness and impact on issues as well as fun and engaging events and projects where members bring like-minded hunters and anglers into the fold. The fruits of these efforts are evident as we celebrate one of the British Columbia chapter's most recent accomplishments: breaking the 1,000 member mark. This is an impressive milestone given that the chapter had only a few hundred members just a few short years ago - and now all 1,000-plus are working to keep British Columbia wild for hunters, anglers and most importantly the wildlife of Canada! We are thankful for the strong leaders and members who show up to make a difference. Catch up on BCBHA through their winter newsletter!

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