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The Arizona Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers has been growing fast and shows no signs of slowing down. With your help we will continue to grow as a force for sustaining wild lands, wildlife, native fisheries and the kind of authentic backcountry experience we are determined to pass on to future generations.

AZ BHA is currently looking for one motivated individual to fill a vacant board position and several others to help us keep up with issues across the state as Regional Directors. We are accepting board member applications from now until June 12, 2019. We welcome both the well-learned and experienced conservationist and those who lack experience but are willing to learn. Applicants must be current AZ BHA members.

Check out the open positions below then take a few minutes to fill out our short online board member application. 


Open Board Positions 

Board Member at Large

The Board is the governing body of AZ BHA, and is responsible for discussing and voting on the policies, positions, direction and overall objectives of AZ BHA. Each AZ BHA Board Member shall act as a local leader and “boots-on-the- ground” representative of their region. They will endeavor to get to know the elected representatives at all levels of government in their region (village, city, county and state), as well as other conservation organizations, and state and federal wildlife and land managers. They will represent their region to the AZ BHA Board to ensure a flow of information from the “ground-up.” And, in turn, they shall represent AZ BHA within their region in a professional manner according to AZ BHA’s mission and values.

  • A Member of the Board must be a current Member of BHA, and a full-time resident of Arizona.
  • The Board will have up to nine Board Members at any given time. Board Members will represent the sportsmen and women of the geographic region in which they reside.
  • In the case that AZ BHA does not have a board member from a specific region, Board Members can appoint a temporary representative for that region as needed. Temporary representatives of a region do not need to reside in that region.
  • All issues that come before the Board are decided by a majority vote of the Board Members, which includes Officers acting as ex officio Board Members.
  • Each Board Member shall be the liaison between AZ BHA and their region.
  • The Board Member will use best efforts to recruit members from their region and support AZ BHA initiatives within their district.
  • The Board is a volunteer position.
  • To become a Member of the Board, a candidate must be nominated, and that nominee must be approved by a majority vote of the Board.
  • The term shall be two (2) years. Board Members may serve consecutive terms.
  • Board Members must attend at least one official AZ BHA Board Meeting annually.

Regional Directors

Regional Directors work within the AZ Board to promote the mission and values of BHA. He/she will engage our members on issues and events within their area, and in turn, represent the perspective and interests of their region to the AZ Board to ensure a “ground-up” information flow.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Attend monthly conference call with AZ Board
  • Work with AZ Board, Regional Ambassadors and National staff to serve the interests and needs of our members in that region.
  • Identify, represent and manage actions in response to local policy and issues.
  • Seek and lead coordination of engagement opportunities within the region (i.e.,Pint Nights, stewardship projects, volunteer efforts, tabling opportunities, etc).
  • Cultivate relationships with local BHA members, sportsman and conservation groups, land/wildlife managers, decision makers and representatives in the state legislature.
  • Support regional, statewide and national objectives of BHA and the Arizona chapter.
  • Other duties as assigned or deemed necessary.
  • Regional Director is a volunteer position.
  • Regional Directors play a critical role in our efforts but do not hold a voting position on the AZ BHA Board.

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Volunteer Opportunities

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