BHA Podcast & Blast, Ep. 57: The Outdoor Recreation Economy in the West


The American outdoor recreation industry is the largest industry on the planet – to the tune of $887 billion dollars annually – that until recently has not demanded political representation for its interests. And what are those interests? Clean water, public lands, public access, wildlife habitat, trails, sustainably managed lands and waters – the same elements that make for a strong, healthy and ecologically resilient nation, one worthy of the dreams of our founders and the hopes of our own children. This podcast is the first to bring together three heads of the new offices of outdoor recreation in Montana (Rachel VandeVoort), Wyoming (Dave Glenn) and Oregon (CailinO’Brien-Feeney). These are public servants of a new kind: hardcore hunters, anglers, climbers, river guides, backcountry skiers and public land managers. They have skin in the game and hard earned experience brought to bear. A revolution is underway.

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