BHA Podcast & Blast, Ep. 39: Tom McGuane, Legendary Writer and Outdoorsman

Tom McGuane, now in his late 70s, has lived life as a version of the 100-yard dash, fishing and hunting, team roping, ranching, and training and competing on some of America’s best cutting horses. Through it all, he has been writing – from his internationally acclaimed 1973 novel of fishing guides gone wrong, 92 in the Shade, and the epic 1976 movie, The Missouri Breaks, through 10 more novels and his most recent collection of short fiction, Cloudbursts, which represents almost 40 years of his work. Hunting, fishing and the eternal beauties of the natural world infuse his every word. Hal meets up with McGuane in McLeod, Montana, on the Boulder River. They begin with an eye-widening discussion of how McGuane’s “The Heart of the Game” (widely recognized as one of the greatest-ever essays on hunting) came to be written and published in Outside Magazine in the late 1970s. The stories – as well as the funny and thought-provoking observations – continue from there. The poet Jim Harrison once said, “Thomas McGuane writes better about fishing than anyone else in the history of mankind.” Start 2019 off right with this conversation between two lifelong sportsmen and masters of the written and spoken word.

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