BHA Podcast & Blast, Ep. 115: Dan O’Brien, South Dakota rancher and founder, Wild Idea Buffalo Co.

Dan O’Brien ranches buffalo over 26,000 acres of deeded and public lands 30 miles outside of Hermosa, South Dakota. He has been a writer of fiction and nonfiction, a dog trainer and falconer for almost 60 years. Dan is the founder of Wild Idea, a company that brings together the respectful production of some of the world’s best meat with a new vision for our rural economy, along with the restoration, on a grand scale, of mixed-grass prairie and its wildlife, native plants and birds. Join us for an easygoing journey into books, buffalo, falcons and a very strenuous, open-hearted life spent under the mighty blue skies of the Dakotas. Included is a short foray into what it is like to be friends with the late, great Jim Harrison – including having Harrison pull into the yard of the ranch house, stopping by for a few days of misbehavior on his almost endless peregrinations across America.    


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