Ballad of a Turkey Hunter by Hunter Farrior

This title is part of BHA's Jim Posewitz Digital Library: Required Reading for Conservationists


I began my obsession with turkey hunting eight years ago. It is truly the most juxtaposed type of hunting I’ve found. Birds are everywhere in the Midwest, yet elusive. They are weary, but extremely bombastic. Ugly at first glance, yet a cornucopia of iridescent colors and textures once you look further. Combine that with longer days, spring weather and the direct communication with wildlife, it's easy to see why turkey hunting creates a cult following by those that pursue it.  

In reading Ballad of a Turkey Hunter, you might conjure an image of the author, Hunter Farrior, as an old-timer who has been chasing birds since the first calls were made in the deep south. His combination of tips and tactics combines uniquely with personal stories, adventures and a reverence not always found in younger generations.

The book is an easy read that combines decades of turkey hunting knowledge and a relatability that makes you want to hear what he has to say next. Hunter values the pursuit above all else – working hard to do it the right way and never apologizing for his obsession.

My only regret in reading this book is that I waited until halfway through my season to start it. Now I am forced to wait another year to scratch the itch the Ballad of a Turkey Hunter has uncovered.

-Aaron Hebeisen, BHA Chapter Coordinator (MN, WI, IA, IL, MO, ND, SD)



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