Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Award Recipients

The following awards, given each year at the North American Rendezvous, honor the sportsmen and women who make outstanding contributions to conservation, fair chase and Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.

The Jim Posewitz Award 

For advancing ethical, responsible behavior in the hunting and fishing fields by example, leadership or education

Jim Posewitz and Gayle Joslin, 2016
Randy Newberg, 2017
Eric Nuse, 2018
Karen Boeger, 2019
Jim Akenson, 2020

The Rachel L. Carson Award

For an outstanding emerging leader

Kyle Hildebrandt, 2020

The Aldo Leopold Award 

For outstanding effort conserving terrestrial wildlife habitat

Bob Marion, 2012
Craig Grother, 2013
Jim Posewitz, 2014
Joe Gutkowski, 2015
Mark Heckert, 2016
Ed Arnett, 2017
Bill Hanlon, 2018
Virgil Moore, 2019
Bill Geer, 2020

The Sigurd F. Olson Award 

For outstanding effort conserving rivers, lakes or wetland habitat

Greg Munther, 2012
Derrick Reeves, 2013
Bob Mirasole, 2014
Mark Norquist, 2016
Larry Weeks, 2017
Bill Platts, 2018
Frank and Jeanne Moore, 2019
Josh Mills, 2020

The Ted Trueblood Award

For outstanding communication on behalf of backcountry habitat and values

Tradbow Magazine, 2012
Tom Wharton, 2013
Scott Willoughby, 2014
Rich Landers, 2015
Hal Herring, 2016
Anthony Licata, 2017
Kris Millgate, 2018
Steven Rinella, 2019
Christine Peterson, 2020

The Larry Fischer Award 

For outstanding corporate contribution to BHA’s mission

First Lite
Seek Outside
Rep Your Water

The George Bird Grinnell Award 

For the outstanding BHA chapter of the year

Colorado Chapter, 2015
Montana Chapter, 2016
Wyoming Chapter, 2017
Minnesota Chapter, 2018
Michigan Chapter, 2019
Pennsylvania Chapter, 2020

The Mike Beagle-Chairman’s Award

 For outstanding effort on behalf of BHA

Barry Whitehill, 2012
David Peterson, 2013
Oscar Simpson, 2014
Mark Richards, 2016
Holly Endersby, 2017
Ben Long, 2018
David Lien, 2019
Erik Jensen, 2020

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