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Arizona BHA is united by a passion to safeguard the public lands and waters that support our hunting and angling traditions and enrich our lives. We invite you to become a part of our team and directly contribute to preserving quality habitat and outdoor access for current and future generations. 

Join our Campfire! Serve on the the Arizona Volunteer BHA Board

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Open Leadership Positions


The Secretary has board voting privileges and a term of 3 years.Weekly time commitment: 5-6 hours

The Secretary will work closely with the Chair and Vice-Chair to ensure the board is operating in an efficient, productive, transparent, and collaborative way. Working in tandem, the Vice-Chair and Secretary will reinforce high-level strategic goals and help the team remain focused and effective by ensuring action items are clearly communicated and followed up on and leaders have the tools and resources they need to be successful. The secretary will handle scheduling, planning and reminders for all regular and special Board meetings, record meeting minutes, including Executive Board votes, and archive minutes on Basecamp within a week, manage chapter email and reply to inquiries in a prompt and professional manner, maintain board term records for all Board Members to ensure the board can address term expirations as needed and maintain a healthy balance of existing and new leaders. Terms to be housed on Basecamp and reviewed prior to and during each annual strategic planning meeting. The secretary must also ensure volunteer hours are entered via the Member Portal to ensure good 501(c)3 standing and chapter is meeting operational deadlines including timely submission of the annual strategic plan and annual financial reconciliation.

Events Chair

The Events Chair has board voting privileges and a term of 3 years. Weekly time commitment: 4-6 hours depending on scheduled events

The Events Chair is tasked with bolstering AZ BHA’s presence and fundraising capacity through unique and engaging events such as film fests, storytelling events, wild game tastings and more. They will ID volunteers, delegate tasks, handle logistics, research, and secure venues, and develop partnerships, budgets, pricing structure and promotion details. They will work closely with the AZ BHA Board and Public Outreach Committees and, in some cases, the Southwest Chapter Coordinator to see that chapter events run smoothly, generate revenue for boots-on-the-ground conservation, and help us welcome more hunters and anglers than ever before into the BHA family.

Communications Chair

The Comms Chair has board voting privileges and a term of 3 years. Weekly time commitment: 5-6 hours depending on scheduled events

The Communications Chair is tasked with strategically managing all external messaging to ensure our mission, values and engagement opportunities are clearly articulated to members and non-members on a regular basis. They must build and maintain a high level of professionalism and credibility as a leading source of public lands conservation information in the state, and to help shape a favorable public opinion of our organization and grassroots policy initiatives.

  • Develop and distribute updates pertaining to chapter accomplishments, policy updates, upcoming events, state and HQ updates, leadership, and volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Ensure that the chapter is regularly amplifying its presence by sending out monthly e-newsletters, publishing on social channels, submitting chapter news on time and taking advantage of the chapter blog and long-form updates in the BHA Journal.
  • Act as editor for most, if not all, written communications including but not limited to blogs, statement letters, LTE’s, Op-eds, social posts, newsletters, and journal content.
  • In some cases, the Communications Chair may be asked to work with Events and Policy leaders to develop social media campaigns to support larger-scale efforts and grassroots policy initiatives. These campaigns may include a series of pre-approved posts including images/copy/hashtags and talking points to thoughtfully respond to user comments.
  • Develop a system that ensures regular post frequency, engagement, and consistent monitoring of social media accounts.
  • The Communications Chair may also propose content strategies or concepts to the team including social media takeovers, contests, live videos, etc.

Stewardship Chair

The Stewardship Chair has board voting privileges and a term of 3 years. Weekly time commitment: 2-4 hours depending on upcoming projects and grant execution

The Stewardship Chair will work directly with the Board to coordinate and implement priorities to advance the improvement of wildlife, habitat, public access, hunter/angler ethics and public education.

  • Provide opportunities for supporters to engage with BHA through a variety of cleanups, habitat restoration projects, and related community education events throughout the year.
  • Work with Board and Communications Chair to raise awareness for both BHA led and partner volunteer opportunities.
  • Collaborate with BHA staff to develop and execute projects in support of habitat grants.
  • Recruit and train volunteers to build a grassroots network to carry out our boots-on-the-ground priorities.
  • Develop relationships with partner NGO’s and other relevant stakeholders to encourage community building and collaboration.
  • Provide a welcoming environment and accessibility for a diverse range of participants regardless of financial means, hunting/fishing background or demographics.

Regional Directors (AZGFD Regions 1, 4 & 6)

Weekly time commitment: 2-3 hours depending on scheduled events

Each Regional Coordinator shall act as a local leader and “boots-on-the-ground” representative of their region. Regional Coordinators will work directly with the POC Chair and their local network of volunteers to execute the goals of Arizona BHA as defined by the chapter board. These leaders are encouraged to meet and know the elected representatives in their region (e.g. village, city and county), as well as other conservation organizations and state and federal wildlife and land managers. They will represent their region to the Arizona Chapter board to ensure a flow of information “from the ground up.” And, in turn, they shall represent AZ BHA within their region in a professional manner according to AZ BHA’s mission and values. They are expected to attend monthly board meetings and can choose to contribute to our work in a variety of ways.

  • Identify, represent ,and manage actions in response to local policy.
  • Lead coordination of engagement opportunities within the region (i.e., Pint Nights, stewardship projects, volunteer efforts, tabling opportunities, etc).
  • Cultivate relationships with local BHA members, sportsman and conservation groups, land/wildlife managers, decision makers and representatives in the state legislature.




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