2nd Annual AZ BHA Squirrel Camp Recap

The Arizona Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Annual Family Squirrel Camp is a fun family friendly event that is open and welcome to all. This year’s event was nothing short of awesome! Hunters, conservationists, wildlife professionals, and families from across Arizona gathered on our public lands near Flagstaff to camp, hunt, eat, tell stories, and celebrate our wildlife and wild places in an inclusive atmosphere.

Some came simply to hunt and enjoy the camaraderie around the evening campfire while others came for the opportunity to hunt for the first time under the guidance of a patient mentor. Other opportunities included presentations and discussions about small game hunting in Arizona (with Larisa Harding and Jonathon O’Dell, both of the AZGFD), processing and cooking demonstrations, and a wild game potluck dinner that put on full display just how good wild game can be. Dishes included pronghorn pozole, mule deer tacos, and frog leg gumbo, among others. Fried squirrel was served up for breakfast!

“Why squirrel hunting?” one might ask. Squirrel hunting is overlooked by many and dearly loved by others. Squirrels span the gap from the beginner hunter to the most experienced. Their abundance promises opportunity to the novice while, at the same time, their sharp hearing and exquisite eyesight, combined with the ability to disappear like a magician, can outwit the most seasoned hunter. Regardless of your level of experience, squirrels are a tasty way to put meat – that you harvested yourself – on the table.

So, whether you’re new to squirrel hunting or you’re a seasoned pro, this abundant and accessible animal has something to offer everyone. Come find out! We hope you’ll join us next year for our Annual Family Squirrel Camp!

Read a story covering the event from the AZ Sun: Family Squirrel Camp shares the 'good word' of hunting in northern Arizona.

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