Armed Forces Initiative Leadership

TH 2012Trevor Hubbs, AFI Coordinator

Trevor grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois. He enlisted in the Army after High-school and volunteered for the Airborne Infantry where he served for 6 years, before becoming an ROTC instructor at Eastern Illinois University. 

After transitioning out of the military Trevor became a business consultant primarily in the construction industry working with 5-15 million dollar companies developing processes and procedures to standardize their business practices.  

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Advisory Board

Ryan Burkert, Operations Manager

Ryan grew up in Michigan "hunting adjacent" and did a little fishing, but mostly played traditional sports.  After college, Ryan spent the next 20 years in the Army, predominantly as a special operations aviation officer and helicopter pilot.  He discovered public lands through rock climbing, ice climbing, and paddling.  He became interested in public lands advocacy after Bears' Ears National Monument was reduced by 85% in 2017.  When he retired from the Army, he started working for a Fortune 100 technology company, and moved to Montana specifically for the access to public land.  He didn't start hunting until he was 42 years old and last year , his first full hunting season, spent 73 days in the field with a rifle, bow, shotgun, or fly rod in his hand.  He's been an active volunteer with BHA's Armed Forces Initiative since its inception in June 2020. 

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LTC Andrew Ruszkiewicz, Finance Manager 

Andy was born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin and spent most of his summers in the northern part of the state at a family cabin chasing smallmouth bass, walleye, crappie, and muskies. After attending college and commissioning as an Army Officer he served in numerous assignments with five years in the conventional Army and 13 in Army Special Operations.  Andy has completed 6 combat deployments in support of operations in Afghanistan, East and West Africa, Iraq, and served a year in Korea. He currently serves as the Professor of Military Science and Commander of the University of New Hampshire Wildcat BN ROTCAndy is married to his amazing wife Monica and they have three awesome kids, Tucker(10), Blair(7) and Luke(3). 

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Justin Townsend, Board Member at Large

Justin Townsend is an avid hunter, angler, and chef whose passions for the outdoors lead him to create Harvesting Nature in 2011 where he now acts as the Editor-in-Chief. He continues to hunt, fish, and cook all while sharing his experiences with others through film, on podcasts, in print, and with recipes. Justin also proudly serves in the United States Coast Guard.  

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DJ Zor, Corporate Partnership Manager 

DJ Zor is a Lifetime member of BHA.  In the past he has served with great effect on the Arizona Trout Unlimited Board and the BHA State Board.  DJ recently moved to Montana with his family and is a massive asset to the AFI Team in the Area. In December of 2021 DJ was asked to join the National Advisory Board in our Treasurer Position and he graciously accepted. DJ is a Navy Sub-Mariner and looks the part. 






  Justin Spruiell, Communications Manager

   After joining the U.S. Army in 2011, Justin went to Germany as     Military Police where he learned to fly fish, and used this new found  passion to help introduce service members to the outdoors and open up new opportunities for Americans. Upon leaving the Military in 2018, Justin had caught fish on the fly in 6 different countries and 18 different states, along with obtaining a degree in Fish and Wildlife Management.

In 2021, the Armed Forces Initiative was where he wanted to spend his extra energy while spreading his knowledge and passion of public lands to the Veteran Community. Justin serves as the Policy, Education and Conservation Partnership Manager.

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  Kyle Wheeler, AFI Liaison Manager

 After serving as an enlisted man in the 82nd Airborne division, Kyle attended the United States Military
Academy at West Point and went on to serve as an Artillery Officer for 20 years.  Kyle is now a freelance business consultant in the Bozeman area as well as a fly fishing guide for Dan Bailey. 


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Mitch Vazquez, Board Member at large


Mitch Vazquez is a Special Operations Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps     and U.S. Army.  Mitch owns and manages Rugged Mountain outfitters, a    guide service in Colorado as well as Heroes Harvest a 501(c)3 focused on getting veterans outdoors.






Stephanie Davidson, Installation Manager    

Stephanie is a hunter and angler who grew up in Southern Arizona. She completed 10 years in the Air Force and continues to serve in the Reserves. After transitioning out of Active Duty, Stephanie continued her Cybersecurity career as a government contractor. She has always been an advocate for the outdoors but really took action after she started her own family. Realizing what an impact organizations like BHA make, she began working with the AFI chapters.  In her free time, Stephanie is with her family camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, and volunteering. 

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State/Installation AFI Leadership

Fort Bragg: [email protected]


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Fort Wainwright: [email protected]


Camp Lejune: [email protected]


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Minot AFB: [email protected]


Fort McCoy: [email protected]


NAS Lemoore: [email protected]


Coast Guard Base Kodiak: [email protected]


Joint Base Elmdorf-Richardson: [email protected]


Fort Levenworth: [email protected]


Peterson-Schever Garrison: [email protected]


Fort Hood: [email protected]


Fort Bliss: [email protected]


Fort Huachuca: [email protected]


Fort Reilly: [email protected] 


JBLM: Coming Nov 2023


Fairchild AFB: Coming Nov 2023


Houston Coast Guard Base: [email protected]









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Maine: [email protected]

Michigan: [email protected]

Minnesota: [email protected]

Missouri: Coming June 2023

Mississippi: [email protected]

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