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Here’s how you can get involved!


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Sign up with BHA on the Military Membership HERE.

  • It’s $25 for active duty and veterans in North America, all branches welcome.
  • Be sure to choose the military membership: accountability in our military membership is important for reporting and our custom Armed Forces Newsletters that we’ll be sending.

Follow our Social Media platforms for daily communications:

Spread the Word!

  • Let’s make some noise and rally the support in for this one. Sign up, share, like, tag – get eyes on this program!
  • This is for North America’s active and veteran military members – seasoned backcountry hunters & anglers, adult onset hunters, and anyone in between. Together we’ll uphold the public land and water and wildlife ethics as a unified voice who want to protect our strong hunting and fishing heritage for the generations to come.

Are you well versed and/or trained in BHA efforts and initiatives while matching the ethos of the BHA? Volunteer to be a leader HERE.

  • We are looking for current BHA members that are active or veterans to lead localized grassroots community development, engagement, and empowerment at military installations and high-density areas.

Signed up as a leader? We’d love you to consider hosting a small BHA event:

  • We’re always looking for volunteers who are willing to help at or coordinate a night at the shooting range to work on rifles, shotguns, and pistols and talk conservation, build a film tour, storytelling night, pint night, wild game cook-off, etc.
  • I want to hear your ideas that intersect exceptionally well with the intersection of the military community and BHA. 
  • Email us to schedule a time to talk ideas: [email protected] or [email protected]

Lead or Participate in a Work Project:

  • Coordinate volunteer opportunities with local state agencies and/or lead or help organize a stewardship project.
  • Email me to schedule a time to talk ideas: [email protected]

Help Inform Policy:

  • Share your story - write an op-ed or letter-to-the-editor (LTE) in support of public lands, waters, and/or wildlife.
  • Send us pictures for the Armed Forces Social Media: AFI Communications
  • Send us content for the Comms Channel (Blogs, Featured Stories): AFI Project Manager
  • Attend your local wildlife agency meetings. It’s important to have local BHA members present at monthly meetings to help relay BHA’s positions on issues impacting access and opportunity, fish and wildlife habitat, and fair chase ethics.

Join the Conversation:

  • Let us know about important issues in your localized region/state and stay up to date on BHA issues/events via our AFI and main BHA Facebook
  • Attend the National Rendezvous in Missoula

Take Action:

  • Take Action on BHA priority issues. Please take 5-10 minutes to read the emails, social media posts, and calls to action we share with you – and most importantly, take action following the instructions we provide to make sure your voice is heard! You can also check out the Take Action page on our website.

Help us Grow:

  • Buy a BHA (gift) membership for a friend or relative who shares the same public lands, waters, and wildlife values that you do.


  •  All funds contributed will directly go towards the program’s funding needs.  Just make sure you select Armed Forces Initiative in the drop down at processing. The more funding we can get our hands on the more military members we can put in the backcountry, the more advocates for public lands we can create. 


To Discuss Your Interest in Helping the Armed Forces Initiative Please Contact:

Trevor Hubbs, Armed Forces Initiative Coordinator: [email protected]

Armed Forces Initiative Project Manager: [email protected]

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