Armed Forces Initiative

We want to give the military community a new mission; conservation






Our Theory of Change:

I - Medicine

By taking participants into the backcountry we can pull them away from their cell phone, email, and many of the small distractions of everyday life while they participate in the natural cycle of the world and learn a new skill.

II - A Tribe

We take participants into the outdoors with other fellow veterans who have shared life experiences of service to ensure they will not only learn to hunt and fish but that they have a peer network of other veterans who also enjoy being outdoors to hunt and fish.

III - A Mission

Our participants need to serve a cause greater than themselves.  It's what drove them to enlist and lead a life of service in the first place. Our events are organized in a way to ignite the fuse of passion inside each participant and teach them how they can continue to serve their country, their community, and their brothers and sisters by engaging in the conservation conversation.  We don't host once-in-a-lifetime experiences; we give out the tools for a lifetime of experiences.



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