Armed Forces Initiative



To provide members of the Military community with all the knowledge, experience, and passion, needed to be fully operational as hunters and anglers in the forest, on the water, and as conservation stewards for habitat and wildlife as engaged advocates in the legislative process.


At BHA we recognize that members of the North American Armed Forces are a critical constituency when it comes to the defense of our wild public lands and waters. The men and women who have bravely served are to thank for the freedoms that allow North American sportsmen and women to enjoy our outdoor opportunities and traditions.

Service is and always has been core to BHA’s mission, and the values that guide us are heavily influenced by a military mindset and the men and women of the military community. Currently multiple military members have helped BHA become the largest stronghold of public land advocates in the continent.

BHA’s Armed Forces Initiative strives to ensure that those on Active Duty, in the National Guard, Reservists, Veterans, and Gold Star Families continue to take active roles as public landowners while providing a constructive outlet for current or transitioning service members to continue their selfless service and enjoy the camaraderie of likeminded individuals. Patriotism and selfless service carries on in our new mission to protect public land and water access along with the ethical chase of wildlife.

Commanders Intent:

Commanders’ intent serves to provide a basis of thought to be considered when encountering a situation or opportunity not specifically covered by the mission or vision, “If you are acting within the commander’s intent you are not wrong”:

-Instill within the Military Community, a knowledge of conservation practices and theory, a love of wild places, and a desire to elevate Americas public wild lands as fundamental components of American Freedom.



BHA’s Armed Forces Initiative offers the Military Community: 

  • We want to give the Military community a new mission, and that mission is conservation
  • We take the military community to Americas public wild places and show them great experiences but more than that we teach them why these wild places exist and how they as veterans can ensure there continued existence.
  • An opportunity to engage in BHA’s core work to enhance public access and opportunity, conserve our public lands, waters and wildlife, and defend our fair chase hunting and fishing traditions
  • A better quality of life through exposure to backcountry experiences  
  • The chance to experience and enjoy the mental and physical benefits of backcountry experiences
  • The resources to share their backcountry experiences with other servicemen and women


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