Arizona Chapter Board


Kurt Bahti, Co-Chair

Kurt and his wife currently live near Sonoita, Arizona and have been there for approximately 31 years. Kurt graduated from the University of Arizona in 1978 with a BS in Wildlife Ecology. He was hired by the Arizona Game and Fish Department in 1979 and began work as a Wildlife Manager, commonly called a Game Warden. Kurt held that position for 13 years and then was promoted to a Field Supervisor position which he held for 17 years, before retiring in 2009. During his career he was involved with giving input on management plans for federal holdings relating to wildlife habitat and other land use issues. He worked both with agencies and with non-governmental groups.

Kurt was a three -term President of the Arizona Game Ranger Lodge and was President of the 8000+ member North American Wildlife Enforcement Officer Association for two years as well as a Regional Director for two years.

He has been a hunter since he was nine years old, hunting behind hounds for lion with his grandfather. Kurt has been an avid hunter and fly fisherman for five decades. Currently, Kurt hunts big game solely with a longbow. He has taken several cow elk and two 300+ bulls with longbow as well as Coues whitetail deer. He also enjoys hiking and spending time in the backcountry whenever he gets the chance.

Kurt is still involved in volunteer work with the AZGFD with turkey trapping efforts and endangered Tarahumara frog transplants. He stays involved with issues affecting wildlife habitat locally, such as proposed mines as well as border issues as he lives about 20 miles from the Mexico border.


 Jim Littlejohn, Treasurer

Jim started hunting ducks with his dad when he was eight years old.  He spent 61 years in Indiana and in 1988 he bought a farm with three of his closest friends.  After that purchase, Jim realized firsthand how improving habitat could draw in all kinds of animals.

Jim retired in Tucson six years ago and since then he has learned how to predator hunt in the desert.  One of his major goals is to mentor youth and try to get them into hunting, 

Jim got into the German Shorthair business a couple years ago.  You can find Jim hunting five or six days a week from November to February.  He loves everything about it and loves that it keeps him and his dogs in good shape.


Ross_McCullum.jpgRoss McCollum, Co-Chair

Ross has lived in Arizona for over four decades and has been a Peoria, Arizona resident for the past 15 years.  His parents moved to Scottsdale when he was serving in the Army and Ross followed in their footsteps after he was discharged in 1970. He retired as a Director of Program Management from Honeywell, Inc. in 2009 after 36 years of employment.  Most of his career was in Program Management in the Special Projects section of space hardware.  Ross and his team built large momentum control and pointing devices for a variety of low-earth and geosynchronous satellites.  He graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. Mechanical Engineering in 1977 and earned a M.S. Organizational Management at the University of Phoenix in 1994.

Ross grew up in a non-hunting family in Farmington, Michigan, so most of his outdoor education has been self-taught.  Although many of these experiences were valuable lessons in things not to do, his outdoor experiences and friendships are among his most precious memories.  His primary weapon of choice is a Black Widow recurve, but he also likes to experiment with the longbow.  Ross prefers to carry a 454 Casul revolver when he hunts with a firearm, but with his advancing age eyesight and dwindling steadiness, he sees himself reaching for the Remington 257 Roberts more often in the future.

In addition to big game Ross also enjoys quail hunting with his Montana friend Greg and his dog Lucy when they visit Patagonia every year. He likes to fly fish when the opportunity arises.  Finally, much of his non-outdoor passion is spent preparing for, and competing in, matches with the Arizona Sharpshooters using with his Shiloh Model 1874 Sharps rifle in BPCR (Black Powder Rifle Cartridge) metallic silhouette.

john_tull.jpgJohn Tull, Co Chair

As professional in the wildlife conservation and management arena for over 22 years, John Tull has spent his entire professional career working on conservation of large, intact landscapes for the benefit of wildlife, their habitats, and the recreational opportunities provided by these. He has a Masters degree from the University of Arizona where he studied desert mule deer movements and behavior in and around Saguaro National Park. He came to Nevada in 1997 where he eventually began working on his Ph.D. that he completed in 2006 researching a variety of issues, including the affects of off-highway vehicle’s on wildlife populations. After that, he was the Conservation Director for the Nevada Wilderness Project where he worked on the nexus of science, advocacy and policy to conserve wildlife and their habitats in Nevada and beyond. Currently, John works for the Nevada Department of Wildlife’s Habitat Division on land use planning issues that might impact Nevada’s wildlife populations. John loves to travel and spend time with his wife and two daughters exploring the nooks and crannies of Nevada and other western landscapes, ideally near some water with his fly rod. He also spends considerable time with his French Brittany exploring the mountains of Nevada in search of upland game birds during the hunting season.

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