Alberta BHA

Our organization is led by some of the hardest working volunteers in public lands, waters and fish and wildlife conservation. From our efforts in policy, habitat and access to field work and clean-up projects across the continent, it’s safe to say we’re driven, diverse and, most importantly, effective.

Sometimes this can be measured in the short term, and other times it’s a daunting, drawn-out process. The work the Alberta chapter has done to stop mining exploration in some of the most critical wildlife and fisheries habitat in the eastern front of the northern Rocky Mountains is a perfect example of all of the above. The chapter board rallied the charge through social media, reporter outreach, op-eds and more. Through hard work and persistence they were able to successfully halt exploration and development that would have punched roads and resulted in the development in some of Alberta’s wildest country...and could have impacted fisheries in British Columbia and Montana.

The backcountry of Alberta’s eastern Rocky Mountain front is safe for now, thanks to the strong efforts of the Alberta Chapter of BHA! Let’s all raise our glasses and toast our brothers and sisters of the sunniest province of them all!  


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