Alberta 2019 Provincial Election

Alberta’s hunters and anglers are concerned with a number of wildlife and land-use issues that are addressed at the provincial level including: habitat loss and fragmentation, public access, and public land sales. The outcome of the 2019 provincial election will impact the future management of these issues.

Alberta BHA wanted to help inform voters about hunting and angling issues not normally discussed in provincial campaigns. We sent the major political parties a series of questions and asked for responses by April 9, 2019. Responses were received from the NDP and UCP.

Click the following links read responses:

We urge all hunters, anglers and other public lands users to read through each of the responses and then to vote. It is crucial that every public land owner let candidates and elected officials know where they stand on issues that affect wildlife, habitat and our public lands.

We also encourage non-members to join Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, the voice for your public lands, waters and wildlife. Your support will help BHA continue to hold our elected officials accountable. Join now.

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