Alaska BHA Summer 2016 Update

Summer has come to Alaska, snow and ice are giving way to green tundra and flowing rivers. Salmon are steadily making their way upriver and AK BHA members are already into the frantic pace of summer, out and about enjoying our public lands and preparing for the upcoming fall season. Our April event featuring Bill Hanlon was a total success, surpassing all expectations. Many thanks to Bill, Ty, Land and all the AK BHA folks who put in the hard work to pull it off and welcome to the 21 new members who signed up at the event and in the days following.

Work continues to build membership and chapter involvement, including an expansion chapter in Anchorage and engaging current membership all over the state. We are continuing educational outreach to new hunters and members of our military community through workshops and, in an exciting new development, video. It’s an exciting time for BHA in the 49th state!

–Mike Rogers

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