Alabama Pint Night Tour Review

The Alabama Pint Night Tour was one of the more inspiring things I have been involved in with the Southeast Chapter.  Last August we did a similar tour across the state, averaging 4 attendees for each event. This last go around I was blown away by the attendance which jumped up into the high 20’s and 30’s for all but one of the events!  The Public Land Revolution is STRONG in Alabama. 

Southeast Chair and North American Board Member Jeff Jones kicked things off with a killer evening in Huntsville; great brews, solid conversations and a ton of new faces in the crowd set the pace for the rest of the tour. The energy in Birmingham was incredible, people were chomping at the bit to get more involved, The Nature Conservancy had a strong showing, and the crowd really proved to be a hotspot for the Public Land Revolution in the South!  People drove in from all over for the Auburn Pint Night to be part of the public land movement, with a huge representation of adult onset hunters! Last, but not least, the crowd in Fairhope carried a ton of passion for growing BHA on the coast and bringing attention to coastal issues.

One thing that was consistent across the board, was the strong desire to be more involved with the issues, and a passion to grow the chapter.  I have no doubt that I shook the hands of many conservationists and future BHA leaders!  Let’s keep up the momentum, and continue the hard work!

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