AFI State & Installation Liaisons

Armed Forces Initiative Regional & State/Provincial Liaisons


If you're interested in volunteering to become a leader for a state or installation please fill out the information at the link below to start the application process. 


AFI Volunteer Leader Application



State Liaisons

Alabama Dalton Wayne [email protected]
Alaska Cody Rosenberg [email protected]
Arizona Dustin Spilman [email protected]
Arkansas Stephen Lonon [email protected]
California - Northern Rob McMahon [email protected]
California - Southern Reina Seraaj [email protected]
Colorado Matthew Lee [email protected]
Connecticut Nate Camp [email protected]
Delaware Cody Fongemie [email protected]
Florida Nolan O'Connor [email protected]
Georgia Tyler Thompson [email protected]
Hawaii Dustin Spilman [email protected]
Idaho Tom Walton [email protected]
Illinois Rylee Luebbe [email protected]
Indiana Cody Fongemie [email protected]
Iowa Cody Fongemie [email protected]
Kansas Matthew Nicholl [email protected]
Kentucky Cody Fongemie [email protected]
Louisiana Dalton Wayne [email protected]
Maine Eli Ellis [email protected]
Maryland Nick Wallace [email protected]
Massachusetts Tom Bleifuss [email protected]
Michigan Eric McGhee [email protected]
Minnesota Shon Waery [email protected]
Mississippi Dalton Wayne [email protected]
Missouri Cody Fongemie [email protected]
Montana Scott Carroll [email protected]
Nebraska John Otten [email protected]
Nevada Dustin Spilman

[email protected]

New Hampshire Kevin Williams

[email protected]

New Jersey Tom Bleifuss

[email protected]

New Mexico Tim Smith

[email protected]

New York Ryan Masse [email protected]
North Carolina Ben Peters [email protected]
North Dakota Liam Hale [email protected]
Ohio Paul Verga [email protected]
Oklahoma Robert Land [email protected]
Oregon Justin Krier [email protected]
Pennsylvania Andy Lehman [email protected]
Rhode Island Dustin McKenna [email protected]
South Carolina Dan Holloran [email protected]
South Dakota Dustin Spilman [email protected]
Tennessee Trailson Moore [email protected]
Texas Dell Bennett [email protected]
Utah Dustin Spilman [email protected]
Vermont Spencer Como [email protected]
Virginia Cody Fongemie [email protected]
Washington Todd Oller [email protected]
West Virginia Cody Fongemie [email protected]
Wisconsin Mike Verhoeven [email protected]
Wyoming Dustin Spilman [email protected]


Regional/Provincial Liaisons


British Columbia Steve NiKirk [email protected]


Great Lakes Region

(MI, MN, OH, WI)

Mike Verhoeven [email protected]

New England Region

(CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT)

Tom Bleifuss [email protected]

South East Region

(AL, LA, MS)

Dalton Wayne [email protected]


Armed Forces Initiative Installation Clubs


Fort Liberty, NC Hunter Owen [email protected]
MCB Camp Lejeune, NC Carey Hamil [email protected]
Seymore-Johnson AFB, NC Ryan Young [email protected]
Mountain Home AFB, ID Hunter Whitten [email protected]
Minot AFB, SD Justin Lloyd [email protected]
Fort Wainwright, AK Nate Kittredge [email protected]
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK Marc Duval [email protected]
Kodiak Coast Guard Station, AK Ryan Hess [email protected]
Fort Knox, KY David Spess [email protected]
Fort Huachuca, AZ Leland Hart [email protected]
Vandenberg SFB, CA Jeremy Camacho [email protected]
Kirtland AFB, NM Mike Barker [email protected]
Fort Carson, CO Jonathan Dotson [email protected]
F. E. Warren AFB, WY John Spencer [email protected]
Hampton Roads, VA Kellen Stauss [email protected]
Malmstrom AFB, MT Jacob Siebel

[email protected]

Fort Cavazos, TX Chad Maynor

[email protected]

Holloman AFB, NM Keith Farmer

[email protected]