AFI Event Review (New England Waterfowl 2023)

Event Review 2023 New England Waterfowl


"I work in emergency services. Throughout my military career and the past six months at work, I have been involved in a series of traumatic events that have been affecting my ability to deal with life. Sharing duck boats and A-frame blinds with you over the last three days has been more helpful than you could imagine.  I can't explain it; we never talked about anything related to the things causing my anxiety or trouble sleeping, but all those problems just went away. I don't know why this system works, but after attending this event, I felt amazing."

"Maybe it was the constant learning environment forcing my mind to be on task or being surrounded by folks who have been where I am but something about this just works."

About Trevor Hubbs

I grew up running hounds on coyotes and raccoons, spent a fair amount of time public land waterfowl hunting, and have hunted upland birds behind my setters across the midwest.

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