AFI Event Review (Montana Fly Fishing)

Event Review 2021 Fly Fishing Dual Skills Camp

I had never heard of BHA before this event, and now I visit your website every day for more information and more stories of how I can get involved in conservation. I've been a fly fisherman for a long time, but I'm a relatively new hunter. I didn't come to this camp expecting to learn a lot about flyfishing and to be fair; I didn't.

I learned how fishing and the appropriate management of fisheries help conservation. I also learned about the North American Model of wildlife conservation, the Dingle Johnson Act, and how I, as a veteran, can contribute to that model.

More than the conservation and the flyfishing, though, the biggest takeaway was how much I didn't know I missed my military family. Bringing people from all over the country to this camp convinced me that this is a program and a nonprofit that I need to get behind. No matter what comes next. I will always be a volunteer for the BHA in the Armed Forces initiative. 

About Trevor Hubbs

I grew up running hounds on coyotes and raccoons, spent a fair amount of time public land waterfowl hunting, and have hunted upland birds behind my setters across the midwest.

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