AFI Event Review (BWCA 2022)

Review from a participant at our 2022 Boundary Waters Event.

September 2022


"I cannot thank you enough for taking me out here with you. After 20 years in the Army and multiple combat deployments, I just got a little lost since I got out."


"Six months ago, I was sitting on my couch with a pistol and decided I was ready to go. Then I got the email saying I had been selected to attend this fishing trip, so I decided to hold off for a few days and then a few weeks. Now, after being out here with Mike, DJ, and Levi, I am so amped up about this place that has been in my backyard for two decades, and I never knew about it. It's not the fishing it's the whole place, the camping, the canoe, the mosquitos, all of it.  This place and this trip really helped me.  Anything I can do to be more involved with BHA and help protect places like the BWCA I am in, just tell me where and when."


This Participant has gone on to host and help host multiple BHA AFI events in the past two years in his home state and is a key piece of our Great Lakes volunteer team.

About Trevor Hubbs

I grew up running hounds on coyotes and raccoons, spent a fair amount of time public land waterfowl hunting, and have hunted upland birds behind my setters across the midwest.

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