AFI Bob Marshall Wilderness Trail Management
Jul 7 - Jul 12
Starting at 6pm
Hungry Bear Bar and Grill
Bigfork, MT









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AFI Bob Marshall Wilderness Trail Management

AFI is seeking 10 volunteers for a Bob Marshall Trail maintenance trip this July.  Considered by many to be the “crown jewel” of the wilderness system, the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex is comprised of over 1.5 million acres of untrammeled wilderness that stretches from Glacier National Park in the north, to Rogers Pass to the south in the northern Rockies of Montana. Named after the conservationist and forester, the Bob was created in 1964 with the Great Bear and Scapegoat Wildernesses added in the 1970’s, creating the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. Straddling the continental divide, The Bob is comprised of towering limestone reefs (including the famous Chinese Wall), range after range of majestic mountains, lush forests, broad basins and valleys, and two “Wild and Scenic” designated rivers. It also contains some of the best wildlife habitat in the lower 48 for elk, deer, moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, black bear, and grizzly bear, as well as native trout.

Our meeting location is the Owl Creek Trailhead near Holland Lake.

All Volunteers must consider the physical strain of the hike in (8 Miles) as well as days of strenuous labor.  We will have a team of livestock available to haul the heavy equipment and all meals will be provided.

Draft Packing List below:

Packing List: 

  1. Personal Gear: (required by BMWF) If personal gear cost is a barrier to entry for any volunteer I will personnally beg, borrow, steal or fundraise as required.
    1. Medium/large backpack for all your items. 
    2. Tent 
    3. Warm sleeping bag
    4. Sleeping pad 
    5. Personal kitchen kit including spoon/fork, bowl/plate, tupperware or reusable bag, hot mug.
    6. lamp/headlamp
    7. water bottles/camelback – at least 2 liters (BMWF recommends 3)
  2. Toiletries:
    1. Personal biodegradable toiletries (non-fragrant. bears love the smelly stuff)
    2. Sunscreen and bug repellent
    3. Hand sanitizer (small bottle)
    4. Personal Medications
  3. Clothing: 
    1. Rain jacket and rain pants
    2. Sun hat/sunglasses
    3. One set of work cloths including long sleeved shirt, sturdy pants, socks.
    4. Work gloves and eye protection
    5. Set of long underwear (NW Montana weather will be unpredictable)
    6. Camp Clothes: Long pants, t-shirt/long sleeved shirt, shorts, swim suit, socks
    7. 1 wool, fleece or puffy jacket
    8. underwear
    9. Gloves/mittens and warm hat
    10. Camp shoes/river sandals (no flip flops)
    11. Hiking boots with ankle support (not tennis shoes) MAKE SURE THESE ARE BROKEN IN!
  4. Optional items:
    1. Earplugs
    2. Battery travel alarm clock or watch
    3. camera
    4. backpacking pillow
    5. lightweight fishing tackle or fly rod and a vald MT fishing license if you do (Zor will gather fishing beta for our area and provide specifics closer to trip date)
    6. frisbee (for hippies only) or playing cards (Zor will bring cards and cribbage board)
    7. Binos 
    8. Leatherman 
    9. GPS
    10. Garbage bag to line pack or rain cover for pack
    11. Book/journal
    12. trekking poles (Zor recommends due to elevation gain)
    13. Backpacking chair/foam paddling
    14. Bear spray (Zor does not go into the backcountry around here without bear protection. I will see if BMWF provides loaners for their trips, if not, volunteers should plan on buying upon arriving in MT. DO NOT FLY WITH BEAR SPRAY) (Potential FHF support on chest rigs/bino harnesses and UL bear spray holsters)
    15. Note: Firearms ARE NOT ALLOWED on USFS volunteer trips for personal protection. AFI volunteers will abide by USFS protocols. Plan on bringing bear spray.
  5. BMWF will supply:
    1. Meal planning and food shopping
    2. Group hygiene and cooking gear
    3. Two-way backcountry radios
    4. Safety gear (includes wilderness first aid) and trail tools
    5. Pack stock support



There is the opportunity for some high country fishing so pack in a 3 or 5 wt fly rod for the evenings.


Opportunity is limited to 10 so please RSVP below and expect an email with an invitation to apply.

July 07, 2022 at 6:00pm - July 12, 2022
Hungry Bear Bar and Grill
200 Ranger Station Road Bigfork MT 59911
Bigfork, MT 59911
United States
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DJ Zor · · 618-616-9664
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