Adam Steele and Michael Martin


For the month of March, BHA has chosen two Members of the Month. Adam Steele and Michael Martin have been a leading force in creating the foundation for BHA’s Field to Table Wild Game Processing Series. Both hail from BHA’s Florida chapter. Adam brought his butchery and culinary expertise to our growing efforts to connect more people to wild food, and Michael’s photo and video proficiency enabled us to record and produce top-notch content to further the North American-wide series.

Adam serves as the R3 coordinator for the Florida chapter and has a passion for food and culinary arts that led him to a profession in artisan butchery. Having mastered the craft of skillfully processing whole animals, he enhanced his reputation as a noted salumist. In addition to traditional charcuterie, Adam specializes in curing wild game. His devotion to food, especially wild game, has allowed him to better understand natural resources and waste as it relates to wildlife and the landscape.

Adam's affinity for the outdoors led to an early life of skiing, climbing, hunting and foraging in western Colorado and the development of an ethos reflecting the Leave No Trace outdoor ethic. As a volunteer with BHA, Adam’s culinary talent has been instrumental in raising over $2,000 to benefit public lands. Adam is proactive in his relationship building with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and advocated for the inclusion of hunting in the Florida Bear Management Program. He was instrumental in the successful completion of a service project benefiting the St. Johns Water Management District and participated in the Gobblers & Garbage Initiative, leading to the removal of over a ton of garbage from Florida public lands.

Michael serves as the social media chair for the Florida chapter. Born and raised in Central Florida, he has a love for hunting and the outdoors that was instilled at a young age during countless weekends spent in the woods with his father. However, it wasn’t until his time at the University of Central Florida that his appreciation for public land and water grew to what it is today.

As a recent graduate, Michael has several years of experience in digital marketing, social media planning and freelance outdoor photography. While he loves learning new skills and will try just about anything outdoors, he is passionate about bow hunting and fly fishing. A believer that Florida provides one of the most diverse, year-round varieties of hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation opportunities in the country, he wants to share that with new and seasoned outdoorsmen alike.


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