ACTION ALERT: HB 278 and HB 336 - Sportsmen asked to pay for livestock loses

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Good morning,

To follow up on the ISCAC Action Alert I need to bring your attention to the2 bills that are being ramrodded through the end of thelegislative session without YOUR input. The first is HB 278- you can read more about the bill here:

In short, HB 278 removes $100,000 from the Access Yes program (that is $100,000 of OUR money, paid through license and tag fees) and directs to animal control boards- so WE are funding predator control of livestock- period. Senator Lacey (Pocatello) pointed out in debate that HB 278 is raiding money from IDFG. HB 278 has passed the legislature and is heading for Governor Otter's signature. Please contact Gov. Otter and ask him to veto HB 278. You can contact the Gov. at 208-334-2100 or email him here:

The scond bill I would like to bring to your attention is HB 336. You can read more about HB 336:

In short- HB 336 increases the tag prices on wolves. Bill sponsors estimate that the tag increases will generate $344,000 in revenue FROM SPORTSMEN through the sale of wolf (big game) tags. Of the $344,000- $86K will go to depredation control for livestock and $172K goes to a compensation fund for livestock producers. SPORTSMEN ARE BEING TASKED WITH FUNDING THE LIVESTOCK INDUSTRY.


Both these bills are anattempt to circumvent sportsmen and the Fish and Game Commission. Please contact the Governor and legislator's today and let them know your thoughts on these bills. A few sentences is all it takes- below is the copy of the email I sent to Gov. Otter on HB 278. Feel free to use it or craft your own.

Thanks for all you do for Idaho's backcountry, Derrick

Derrick Reeves

Co-chair, Idaho Chapter

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

Governor Otter,

I would like to take this opportunity to urge you to veto HB 278 when it reaches your desk. HB 278 removes $100,000 from the Access Yes program and directs it to animal control boards. This money ($100,000) comes directly from Sportsmen through license and tag sales. Removing funds from the Access Yes program hurts Sportsmen by reducing access and limiting opportunity, but we are asked to shoulder the load. HB 278 circumvents both sportsmen and the Fish and Game Commission- it is a bad bill. Please veto HB 278.

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