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published Filson Skills Nights 2020-08-28 08:07:33 -0600

@BhaMontana tweeted. 2020-08-18 10:59:34 -0600
[email protected]Backcountry_H_A CEO @LandTawney asks the obvious question re: William Perry Pendley keeping his job when it's bee…

@bha_mn tweeted. 2020-07-17 22:07:15 -0600
Members of the #BHAMN chapter of @Backcountry_H_A are featured in this #publiclands film. Its a great production yo…

@bha_mn tweeted. 2020-06-24 18:44:25 -0600
Plenty of #BHAMN @Backcountry_H_A members pop up in scenes in this film be sure to check it out!!

@tim_brass tweeted. 2020-06-10 07:43:15 -0600
Great piece from New England ⁦@Backcountry_H_A⁩ - Vermont needs to increase public land

@tim_brass tweeted. 2020-06-01 11:54:02 -0600
The @Backcountry_H_A Virtual #Rende2020 is kicking off today! Retweet if you will be joining!

@tim_brass tweeted. 2020-04-17 11:22:38 -0600

@bha_mn tweeted. 2020-03-07 20:30:53 -0700
#BHAMN @Backcountry_H_A board member Ellen Candler giving out some swag and talking #publicwaters and #publiclands

@bha_mn tweeted. 2020-03-06 13:49:32 -0700
The MN Chapter of @Backcountry_H_A will be tabling at the @flyfishfilmtour(tickets in #F3T bio) in #duluth on Mar 1…

@bha_mn tweeted. 2020-02-28 18:05:51 -0700
Thank you to all the #BHAMN @Backcountry_H_A volunteers that made this possible without you these achievements woul…

@BhaMontana tweeted. 2020-02-26 14:27:51 -0700
Four new @Backcountry_H_A career opportunities just dropped, including two in Missoula. Check em out here and pleas…

@bha_mn tweeted. 2020-02-16 21:54:24 -0700
The board of the #BHAMN @Backcountry_H_A would like to take a moment and thank all of our outstanding volunteers th…

@bha_mn tweeted. 2020-02-15 15:44:12 -0700

@bha_mn tweeted. 2020-02-15 08:48:53 -0700
We have our first #BHAMN @Backcountry_H_A daily winner in the Weatherby shotgun giveaway at #pheasantfest2020 by…

published Rendezvous 2020: Update in Events 2020-01-15 17:18:03 -0700

@tim_brass tweeted. 2020-01-03 06:32:36 -0700
2019 was a big year for public land and water advocates ⁦@Backcountry_H_A#publicland #publicwater

@BhaMontana tweeted. 2020-01-02 10:20:34 -0700
The latest episode of @Backcountry_H_A Podcast & Blast is a must listen. Hal sits down with Mark Kenyon from…

@bha_mn tweeted. 2019-12-23 14:44:37 -0700
We at #bhamn agree with @Backcountry_H_A CEO @LandTawney and @patagonia CEO: Congress Needs to Fire William Perry P…

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