6th Annual Field to Table Dinner

2022 Field to Table Dinner Presented by FINEX Cast Iron Cookware Co.

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Get your tickets HERE as they’re sure to sell out quickly! If tickets sell out and you are still interested in attending, please email Trey Curtiss or Kylie Schumacher and we will add you to a waitlist. 

The Field to Table Dinner is an incredible experience, unlike any event you’ve ever attended!

Public land owners from across the continent will be transported by bus from Missoula to the dinner venue at Teller Wildlife Refuge, a 45-minute drive down the beautiful Bitterroot Valley. Upon arrival, you’ll be treated to wild game appetizers and locally inspired cocktails. From there you’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind three-course dinner prepared by a trio of accomplished wild game chefs. Each dish will be carefully paired with hand-selected wine and brews. After dinner, guests will be treated to handmade desserts with coffee or a digestif around the fire before returning to Missoula. If you have questions regarding the dinner, please don't hesitate to reach out to Trey Curtiss or Kylie Schumacher. 

Get your tickets HERE!

Teller Wildlife Refuge, May 12, 2022


2022 Field to Table Dinner Chefs


Adam Steele was fortunate enough to learn about cooking at the same time he was growing up in wild places and combines these to help teach others. He currently hunts and fishes the St. Johns watershed in central Florida where he runs a small abattoir and processing shop. Proud to call Florida home with his family, and dog named Roux, he volunteers as the Florida chapter R3 chair. 





Jaime Teigen grew up in Northern Idaho. Her parents, brother, and his family still reside there. It's where her love for the outdoors began. She learned how to ski at a very young age, camped and fished with her family, and got a little dirty out on the farm every once in a while. It wasn’t until after high school and working at a friend's restaurant that her love for cooking really took flight. She moved to Portland, OR, and went to Western Culinary Institute. Shortly after culinary school, she moved to Jackson Hole, WY where she started her career as a general manager and executive chef at a local restaurant. Shortly after her move, she met her husband and that’s where she started her passion for hunting and appreciating the process of harvesting their own meat. Truly knowing where it came from and using every part of the animal. These experiences are something that they get to share with their daughter and they love every minute of it. Now, living in Montana, Jaime gets to live out her passions as first a mother and wife, a chef, hunter, fisher, skier, and outdoorswoman. She currently is the Chef and Professional Sales Manager at Burch Barrel. This experience has brought back the true meaning of being connected to your food so that she can share that with her friends and family. Jaime loves cooking for those around her, so that they may experience the passion she has for the outdoors through food. 



Jamie Carlson is a hunting, fishing, and foraging enthusiast. He lives in Burnsville Minnesota with his wife, 2 kids, and their Wire-haired pointer. He works as a registered nurse at the VA hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and the great outdoors and when he can, he loves to combine the two. Jamie enjoys sharing his knowledge with others, particularly those who are new to hunting, fishing, and cooking in the great outdoors. He is a contributing food writer for The Outdoor News and Modern Carnivore. 




Justin Townsend is a hunter, angler, chef, podcast host, and author. He was raised in Southeastern Oklahoma where hunting and fishing were used as a way to supplement home-grown and store-bought food. Justin moved to college, in New Orleans, LA, where he was able to fine-tune his culinary skills as a professional chef. As time progressed, Justin combined his passion for the outdoors and his love for food to establish the wild food-focused media company, Harvesting Nature. Over the last 10 years, he has published a wild game cookbook "Eat Wild Game", recorded hundreds of podcast episodes, been featured in countless online articles, served in the U.S. Coast Guard, and now proudly sits as the Communications/Operations Officer on BHA's Armed Forces Initiative National Board. 



Nathan Parrish started in kitchens freshman year of high school. He traveled and spent time in Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain and France for two years once graduated. After traveling overseas, Nathan was at Canlis in Seattle, Washington for three years and went on to work as a whole animal butcher before moving to Montana where he and his father started their own brand, GrizzlyFish. A clothing company that works with and supports BHA and other non-profit conservation organizations  now lives and works as a full-time fly-fishing guide and shooting instructor at The Ranch at Rock Creek.



Randy King loves nothing more than hunting and cooking a great meal. He is the author of "Chef in the Wild: Reflections and Recipes from a True Wilderness Chef. 




Shannon Waters, A former professional chef, restaurant consultant, and culinary school professor, has spent a lot of time in kitchens. Formally trained at The French Culinary Institute in New York, she went on to hold positions at some of the best restaurants in the country and gain skills and techniques from renowned Chefs across the globe. Her love of cooking and the outdoors collided when she packed a heavy cast iron pan into the backcountry. That’s when she realized that if she was going to enjoy a great adventure and a great meal, she was going to have to find a solution for packable meals- and started Gastro Gnome Meals, a packable food company in Bozeman, Montana. Shannon now eats a lot of really dry food in far-flung places accessible by packable boat, mountain bike, or skis. When she's not out there, she holds court in the kitchen at Gastro Gnome. 




Zoey Osborne was raised in Trout Creek, Montana before moving to Missoula in 2016 to study at the University of Montana. Before beginning a career in community health and wellness, Zoey had been a farmer and worked as a timber foreman and wildland firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service at the Cabinet Ranger District. Zoey has an immense passion for pursuing a lifestyle centered around health fitness, nutrition, and sustainability. She works hard to do so by purchasing what food she can’t grow herself locally while also hunting and foraging to fill the pantry and freezer. Zoey loves exploring in the kitchen and finding new and exciting ways to make healthy food taste great. Zoey spends her weekends flying fishing, backpacking, and hunting. When stuck indoors, she enjoys working on crafts and sipping tea. In her free time during the work week, you can find Zoey in the gym or on the trail and avidly biking in between. 


Hannah Nikonow is an avid hunter, angler and forager. She is dedicated to collaborative conservation and bringing diverse voices together to find ways to manage our public lands and natural resources. In her day job, she works as a communications and marketing specialist and is based in Missoula, Montana. If you see someone chasing a wirehaired pointing griffon and a pudelpointer on local public lands make sure to say hi, if you can catch up.



Riley Egan is fortunate enough to spend nearly all of his free time hunting, fishing & foraging across the wild lands of the Northwest.  A former whitewater guide in a past life, Riley is now part owner and Director of Retail Operations for Highlander Beer based in Missoula, Montana.



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