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Chase Henrichs
ARBHA - Northwest Arkansas Board Member. A native of Arkansas and graduate of the U of A, I enjoy hiking, hunting, and being outside with my wife and dog.

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rsvped for Public Lands Pack Out Weddington WMA 2021-09-13 08:26:24 -0600

rsvped for 2,000 Miles Virtual Tour ― August 23-26 2021-08-12 13:46:11 -0600

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answered 2020-06-19 15:32:25 -0600
Q: Any additional thoughts?
A: Great job.

answered 2020-06-19 15:32:17 -0600
Q: Was the pricing structure fair?
A: Yes.

answered 2020-06-19 15:32:10 -0600
Q: Do you think Rendezvous in Missoula next year should have virtual/online components?
A: Yes absolutely.

answered 2020-06-19 15:31:59 -0600
Q: Would you like to see more events like this going forward?
A: Yes. I especially would like to see Rendezvous in the future have an option similar to this for those who want to participate but cannot travel. I realize there are several large technical hurdles to clear to make that possible, but I think it would go over well with many BHA members.

answered 2020-06-19 15:31:02 -0600
Q: Did you participate in the online auction?
A: No

answered 2020-06-19 15:30:58 -0600
Q: Did you participate in the sweepstakes?
A: No

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