2023 North American Rendezvous Recap

There's nothing better for Backcountry Hunters & Anglers members than getting to connect with our fellows. That's why pint nights, fence pulls, legislative hearings, treestand sittings, boat ramp chats, pack-out conversations, and all the ways we meet each other in the outdoors and indoors are the lifeblood of this organization. And every year we put on one of the biggest chances for our people to meet their people at the BHA North American Rendezvous!

This year, our 12th Rendezvous was held in Missoula, Montana for the third consecutive year. We at HQ have gotten pretty good at putting these events together, and that showed this year with record-breaking numbers of attendees at the Missoula Fairgrounds and at our other big annual Rendezvous adjacent event: Brewfest! 

From the scores of corporate partners and friends of BHA who tabled and showcased their wares and sheer awesomeness, to the folks who came and taught some kickass seminars on policy and field skills, to the high-flying fare of our annual Field to Table dinner, this year's Rendezvous was one for the books indeed. Take a spin through some of the best images our photographers snapped this year, and get ready for Rendezvous 2024 in Minnesota!

Chapter leader training? Or busting clays? Why not both?

I heard there was only one 25 shot the whole time.

Hilary Hutcheson is in charge, my dudes.

Excellent form.

No better place to bust some clays than a clear morning in Missoula!

Snazzy vests. Very chic.

The view from the Vortex side of the building.

Folks were coming through all day to check out Costa's wares and all the other awesome stuff our partners brought to showcase!

I need a new rangefinder, don't I...

Looking cute, Vortex!

Sharp! Benchmade sharp!

Getting fit on the flywheel!

Hank Shaw working on his "Son of a Bitch Stew" for the Field to Table dinner.

Chef Giancarlo Lawrence working on his cioppino. 

Teamwork makes the dream work.

The three dishes from the Field to Table dinner from Chefs Hank Shaw, Adam Steele and Nathan Parish.

Leslie Kaminski piping frosting into her wonderful deserts.

Chef Adam Steele frying up some gator!

BHA Corporate Sponsor G&H Decoys Head Honcho Ray Penny auctions off a factory tour and hunt at the F2T dinner.

Field to Table desserts by Chefs Zoey Osborne, Leslie Kaminski and Tom Healy.

Seminars galore! 

Waltons teaching a sausage making seminar.

BHA North American Board Member Hilary Hutcheson talks during the climate change seminar.

Durrell Smith dropping some knowledge on upland game hunting.

Simon Gawesworth teaching the next generation the proper English way to cast a fly rod. 

The chapters trying to woo the judges in the Wild Game Cookoff.

The Arizona Chapter with their creative plating and settings. 

The collegiate clubs had some cheesy comedy to bring to the table. 

Campfire Stories...One of our favorite events of Rendezvous!

The Washington chapter CRUSHED the Wild Game Cookoff.

Jamie Jonkel tells his story of his grizzly bear map within the Montana hunting regulations.

Ray Penny and DJ Zor keepin the audience on their toes.

Ashley Smith celebrating the importance of diversity within the outdoor community.

Two legends tellin' tall tales - Hank Shaw on his first duck hunt and Randy Newberg on sharing the outdoors with everyone. 

Randy closing out the evening and the 2023 North American Rendezvous! 


Photography by BHA's own Gloria Goni Mcateer and Travis Bradford. BHA's Media Team is supported by Bedford Camera & Video.

About Travis Bradford

Travis has been in the outdoors since he was young, but its the fish inhabiting North America's waters that hold his attention throughout the year. When not fly fishing, he can be found with his golden retriever Sal and a camera in-hand chasing stories.

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