2021 DIY Western Hunting Summit


Join the Pennsylvania Chapter of BHA for a free, four-part introduction and primer on Western public land hunting for non-residents

If you are looking to go on your first Western hunt or want to up your game, this series is for you. Over four evenings, PA BHA members with extensive hunting experience out West will share best advice, tips and tricks. Each presentation will be followed with a Q & A, so bring on the questions.

Our American West is a truly amazing place, with miles of public land adventure just waiting for those with a tag and some grit. Stop procrastinating and get in the game!


Here’s the lineup. All events start at 7:30 p.m. EST and will run about two hours:


Tuesday, February 2 – Part 1 - CLICK HERE to RSVP on the Crowdcast Event Page.

Planning a Western Hunting Trip with John Conte  

A big picture look at how to pick a hunt and plan it.  


GoHunt Insider Demo and Q&A on Tags, Applications, Preference Points, and Deadlines with GoHunt Staff Member Trail Kreitzer

An overview of how tag and draw systems work and tools for navigating them. 


Thursday, February 4 – Part 2 – CLICK HERE to RSVP on the Crowdcast Event Page.

Lodging, Camping, Budgeting and Costs with John Wedge

Where you lay your head affects your hunt and your pocketbook. This session will cover the pros and cons of accomodations, plus an overview of total trip costs. 


E-Scouting with Beau Martonik

Knowing your hunt area starts well before your boots hit the dirt. This session is a primer on electronic scouting for hunting success.


Tuesday, February 9 – Part 3 – CLICK HERE to RSVP on the Crowdcast Event Page.

Gear Basics and Meat Care with Aaron Luneke and Nate Fronk

What you take with you is key for a successful, safe and comfortable backcountry hunt. We’ll cover the basics of gear and give some ideas on how to prepare for        

getting the bounty home.


Fitness Training with Beau Martonik

You can’t kill an elk at 11,500 if you can’t get up there! We’ll give you some ideas on how to prep for a high-elevation hunt.


Thursday, February 11 –Part 4 – CLICK HERE to RSVP on the Crowdcast Event Page.

Stories from the Field: First Western Hunt Experiences with Chad Bowser

Hear about lessons learned from a PA resident who recently went on his first Western hunt.


Stories from the Field: Antelope Hunting with Jess Delorenzo

Chasing pronghorn antelope is a uniquely American experience. We’ll hear from a an experienced hunter who has taken speedgoats with both a bow and rifle.  


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About Pennsylvania BHA

The Pennsylvania Chapter of BHA represents a diverse and enthusiastic group of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen who seek to protect and improve wild places in the Keystone State and beyond.

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