Wisconsin Chapter Board

Jeff_Guerard.jpgJeff Guerard, Chapter Chair - Jeff grew up hunting and fishing in central and northern Wisconsin. Some of his earliest memories are of following his Dad on fishing and duck hunting trips. Jeff grew up in a very small town in central Wisconsin called Winneconne. He graduated from high school in 2000 and attended Marquette University. Jeff graduated from Marquette in 2004 with a degree in Business Administration and in 2007 with a law degree. Currently, he is a partner in a law practice in Milwaukee. Jeff is married to Anna and they have two wonderful daughters, Clara and Josie.
Even though school and work have cut down on his time in the wilderness, Jeff still very much enjoys hunting and fishing every chance he gets. In Wisconsin, he enjoys bowhunting for whitetail deer, hunting an assortment of small game and fishing as much as he can. Recently, Jeff had the privilege of taking an annual trip west to hunt Elk. Hunting and fishing are lifelong passions for him.

Jeff is committed to working to secure the future of our wild public lands. Wisconsin has very little wild lands left and those lands need to be conserved for the future.

Michael_Neiduski.jpgMike Neiduski, Secretary - Mike Neiduski grew up on a family farm in northern Connecticut where he fell in love with deer hunting, fishing, and exploring the outdoors. He grew up and moved away, first to Wisconsin, then to South Carolina, Missouri, and back to Wisconsin, and through the course of it, found that without access to wild places something didn't seem right. A sense of obligation to an 8 week old GWP puppy lit a new flame of curiosity and exploration. Living in an apartment with a rambunctious furball forced him to find the spaces he missed from childhood, and he fell in love all over again, this time on public land.

Mike currently lives near Milwaukee Wisconsin with his very hobby tolerant wife and their 2 German Shorthairs and 1 German Wirehaired Pointer, where he is avidly involved in a local NAVHDA chapter as well as Wisconsin's Conservation Congress. He still finds time for the tree stand between the duck blind and aspen stands of October; otherwise you can find him dog training, fly fishing, or writing for BirdDogSunrise.

In moving away from the family farm, Mike learned the value of quality public land access. He believes in BHA and keeping public lands public, as WI Native, Aldo Leopold said, "To those devoid of imagination a blank space on a map is a useless waste; to others, the most valuable part."

Ryan_Williams_-_Wisconsin.JPGRyan C Williams, Board of Directors - Ryan grew up in Rock Island, Illinois between the Mississippi and Rock Rivers with Blackhawk State Park as his back yard

In his teen years and into his 20s the outdoors took a back seat to other pursuits but as his son and daughter became older he became determined to pass on the outdoors heritage that his father passed on to him.

Ryan is an avid fisherman, pheasant, and duck hunter but if it gets him in the woods he’s likely doing it. The majority of outdoors recreation Ryan takes part in is on public land whether it be state forest, marshes, or our many lakes and rivers here in Wisconsin.

Ryan served in the Marine Corps from 1996 - 2000 and volunteered to return to active duty in 2003 in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. In 2002 he graduated from Western Illinois University with a degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Adminstration.

After college his first job was with a small western Illinois law firm as a legal assistant. While there Ryan primarily worked with the firm's political activities. He currently works for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

John_Rennpferd.jpgJohn Rennpferd, Board of Directors - John is a native of Southeastern Wisconsin, with strong ties to Northern Minnesota. Johns entire family enjoys the outdoors; particularly his Grandparents fostered a strong appreciation for the outdoors, and sporting lifestyle. John spent his formative years living with his maternal Grandmother in Northern Minnesota where he was encouraged to fish, hunt, trap, hike, and adventure outdoors daily. John spent numerous summers with his paternal Grandparents in Northern Wisconsin swimming, fishing, and observing nature.

John has had a handful of careers in the past 20 years; most notably he spent 5 years in the US Army, with most of that time assigned to the 10th Mountain Division based in Northern New York. After returning to Wisconsin in 2004 John resumed college, and spent his spare time mountain biking, hiking, camping, and fishing. In 2011 while finishing his second degree he started a new career in the data industry.
John lives in South Milwaukee with his wife, children, and family pets. He is known for sneaking in an hour of fishing before, or after work. Weekends are spent getting his children outdoors to hike, fish, and observe wildlife. In 2015 John resumed hunting, shooting sports, and archery in anticipation of passing on that knowledge, and tradition to his children as they grow up.

Miles_Thompson.jpgMiles Thompson, Board of Directors - Miles grew up in the small town of Plymouth, WI where he was able to spend most days of his childhood haunting the local rivers and streams for Smallmouth and Trout. Other interests would divert his attention through high school, and he eventually left WI for college. He earned an A.S. in Business Management from Berkeley College in New York…where of all places, on the NYC drinking water reservoirs, he was reconnected with the joys of solitude and reflection so easily found with a rod in hand.

He went on to earn a B.S. in Fisheries Biology from Kansas State University, where he was introduced to bird dog training and bird hunting (by running into a group out training dogs on public land, while he was trying to fish). This new passion helped steer him to Arkansas for graduate work, where there are some of the largest, and arguably the best, tracts of public land available for waterfowl hunting…especially flooded timber. He earned a M.S. in Aquaculture & Fisheries and was lucky enough to land a job back in his hometown managing lakes and ponds (and haunting his old familiar streams once again). He is currently the Ecologist and GIS manager for a private botanical garden in Sheboygan, WI. With his wife and growing family, he enjoys exploring WI public lands while camping, canoeing, and hiking. Whether it’s just down the road or up in the vast WI Northwoods, he can be found outdoors, actively instilling the ethic of conservation and a reverence for wild, natural places in the next generation.

duck.jpgStephen Kornacki, Board of Directors - Stephen Kornacki grew up in McFarland, WI. As a kid he remembers canoeing and fishing in the waters surrounding Madison. From a young age he was always fascinated by hunting and fishing. It wasn't until 2011 that he harvested his first big game animal and was forever changed by that experience. After shooting his first deer, he has spent every free moment in the woods and on the water. Spending more and more time in the outdoors caused a deep love and respect for the wild places that still remain.

Currently Stephen lives in Appleton, WI. He is a project manager for a small business and an avid photographer. He is a passionate outdoorsmen who can be found most of the time in Wisconsin's Northwoods hunting and fishing for any number of game.



BHA_pic_-_Daniel_Schwartz.jpgDaniel Schwartz, Board of Directors - Daniel grew up in a small town in the Kettle Moraine of southeastern Wisconsin, where he was blessed with an abundance of natural resources right out his back door. From hunting and fishing to kayaking and cross-country skiing, he learned to love Wisconsin’s wildlife, changing seasons and everything the outdoors has to offer. Daniel is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he earned a B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering. During his time in college, he became involved in conservation and helped start the Ducks Unlimited – UW Chapter, serving as chairman of the chapter for two years. 

Daniel now works with a civil engineering/consulting firm in downtown Milwaukee, but in his free time he enjoys traditional archery, waterfowl hunting and cooking wild game with friends and family. Having hunted and fished on public lands throughout Wisconsin, Daniel understands the value of these wild, undeveloped places and hopes to help protect them with BHA.

Zach_Scott.jpgZach Scott, Board of Director - Zach grew up in the small south central Wisconsin town of Belleville and started hunting turkeys and whitetails at the age of 12, mentored by his father. He grew up around the hunting and fishing industry as his father is the owner and operator of a sporting goods store. A passion for the outdoors was instilled at a young age. 

This love of the outdoors and wilderness lead him to obtain a degree in Geography and Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Zach currently works for the United States Geological Survey – Wisconsin Water Science Center as a Hydrologic Technician operating real-time river gaging stations throughout the southwestern corner of Wisconsin. He spends the majority of his days traveling the state to stand in rivers and wouldn’t have it any other way. Zach enjoys fly-fishing for trout, hunting whitetails and turkeys with his bow and has deep interests and intentions of hunting elk and mule deer in western states. He is also a devote husband and father to his wife, Kayla and his daughter, Finley. He looks forward to being involved with BHA to work to protect public land and access to those public lands.

Rob_Moore.JPGRob Moore, Treasurer - Rob grew up in northeast Wisconsin and has enjoyed all the outdoor activities the dairy state offers including hunting at his 5th generation cabin, fishing the Great Lakes and camping throughout the state.

Rob obtained his undergraduate degree in accounting from Saint Norbert College and went on to pursue his Masters of Business Administration degree, with an emphasis on finance, from Lakeland College. He is currently employed as a Portfolio Manager at a regional bank and trust company. Rob’s enthusiasm for the outdoors has guided him to BHA so he can do his part to ensure that access to public land and water is something that future generations have the opportunity to experience and enjoy.


Joe-Steffen.jpgJoe Steffen, Board of Directors - Joe grew up in the small Central Wisconsin town of Plover and started hunting whitetails in Northern Wisconsin at a young age. His father introduced him to the vast public acreage that Iron County WI had to offer. During High School he never had a problem finding any excuse to get outdoors and even managed to be accepted into a school sponsored program that allowed him to canoe through many of the major Wisconsin waterways for a summer.

After high school he attended College where he received his Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and Public Administration. Joe currently works as a Sergeant for a College Public Safety Department in Madison WI and works part time as a Police Officer for two local Police Departments.

Joe is an avid sportsman. When he is not working, you will likely find him in the field chasing Deer and Turkeys around Wisconsin and at least once a year a trip out west to hunt Antelope, Elk or Geese. During the summer, you can find Joe around a campfire, canoeing, kayaking and trying to catch dinner in the Boundary Waters and the Wisconsin River. Joe’s wife, Megan and their black lab, Buddy Lee, will often join in on the adventures.

Joe has also been a lead Hunter Safety instructor for the Wisconsin DNR for the last 5 years and volunteers his time for the Learn to Hunt program through the Wisconsin DNR. He is passionate about ensuring public land access for generations to come. 




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