2017 Rendezvous Seminars


“Badass Boundary Waters”

Dave Freeman

“The Evolution of Public Lands”

Gregory Major Blascovich

“How to Use the Whole Animal”

Ryan Callaghan

“Scouting from Your Couch”

Randy Newberg

“Eastern Backcountry:  Solitude East of the Mississippi”

Damon Bungard

“How to Spey Cast”

Sam Lungren

“Backcountry Fitness” (bring your workout clothes)

Kenton Clairmont,

Train to Hunt and

Wilderness Athlete


“River Safety; It’s all about Prevention”

Carl Motes Conners

“How to be an effective Public Lands Advocate”

John Gale & Tim Brass

“How to Support BHA through Social Media & Original Content”

Allie D’Andrea

“Backcountry Nutrition”

Heather Kelly

“7 Rams, 7 Mountain Ranges, 2 Legs”

Scott Luber


Biography's coming soon. 

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