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Guy Dicharry, Secretary

Guy Dicharry is a lawyer and registered nurse. He uses federal public lands and waters to hunt, fish, ride horses, hike, float, swim when tossed from a boat, watch wildlife, and to avoid being found. Born and raised in Louisiana, he moved to New Mexico in 1982 to work in the Indian Health Service on the Zuni Reservation. Since 1984, he has lived in Valencia County, New Mexico, with his wife Elisabeth, dogs, cats, goats, chickens, and horses. Their children have long since flown the coop. Their children, their spouses, and grandchildren continue to light up their lives.

Guy has worked at a number of jobs during his adult life, everything from tugboat deckhand to emergency room nurse to trial lawyer. He practices his guitar and mandolin whenever possible, but still sends the poultry scurrying for cover on occasion.

Guy is committed to keeping federal public lands under federal management and opposes any effort to “return” federal public lands to the states, including New Mexico. 

“The immediate threat to our legacy of backcountry use is the movement to return federal public lands to the states. The movement is well-funded. Not surprisingly, it is backed by the corporate interests who will be lining up to buy those lands if the federal government transfers control to the states. There is no acceptable option other than to stop this effort now. I want my grandchildren to have access to the wild world. You can’t make more wilderness or public lands. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.”


laddie_mills.jpgLaddie Mills, Co-Chair/Treasurer

Laddie was born and raised in southern New Mexico. A country boy, he developed a love for the outdoors at an early age and hunted and fished at every opportunity. In college, Laddie earned a doctorate in structural engineering. After stints in research and academics, he followed his heart and went to work for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. As a project and program manager, he was fortunate enough to participate in major conservation projects on refuges, hatcheries, and laboratories around the country. These included such diverse examples as the construction of an Atlantic salmon hatchery on the White River in Vermont, a one-of-a-kind buffalo and longhorn handing facility at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma, an invasive species research laboratory in Florida, and more.

Now retired, Laddie and Nancy live in Albuquerque. They own a vacation home in Pagosa Springs where he spends as much time as possible stalking large rainbows sipping BWO’s and midges in eddies and shallow riffles.

Laddie spent most of his adult life in New Mexico and Colorado and has roamed many of the streams and mountains in those states. He is committed to the principles of sound, science-based fish and wildlife management and is concerned about the increasing threats to our special places and irreplaceable resources. He feels privileged to be able to contribute to conservation efforts and believes that his experience can provide helpful insights in working with federal and state agencies.

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